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LLVM — llvm/branches/release_70/lib/Target/Mips Mips64r6InstrInfo.td Mips64InstrInfo.td

Merging r342946:

r342946 | smaksimovic | 2018-09-24 23:27:49 -0700 (Mon, 24 Sep 2018) | 6 lines

[mips] Correct MUL pattern for mips64

Guard existing pattern with a predicate, introduce a new one for revision 6.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D51684


LLVM — llvm/branches/release_70/lib/Target/Mips MipsFastISel.cpp, llvm/branches/release_70/test/CodeGen/Mips/Fast-ISel bricmpi1.ll

Merging r342884:

r342884 | petarj | 2018-09-24 07:14:19 -0700 (Mon, 24 Sep 2018) | 12 lines

[Mips][FastISel] Fix selectBranch on icmp i1

The r337288 tried to fix result of icmp i1 when its input is not sanitized
by falling back to DagISel. While it now produces the correct result for
bit 0, the other bits can still hold arbitrary value which is not supported
by MipsFastISel branch lowering. This patch fixes the issue by falling back
to DagISel in this case.

Patch by Dragan Mladjenovic.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D52045


LLVM — llvm/trunk/docs/CommandGuide FileCheck.rst

[FileCheck] fixing docs buildbot - use proper code-block type

LLVM — llvm/branches/release_70/lib/Target/Mips Mips64InstrInfo.td, llvm/branches/release_70/test/CodeGen/Mips tls.ll

Merging r341919:

r341919 | atanasyan | 2018-09-11 02:57:25 -0700 (Tue, 11 Sep 2018) | 18 lines

[mips] Add a pattern for 64-bit GPR variant of the `rdhwr` instruction

MIPS ISAs start to support third operand for the `rdhwr` instruction
starting from Revision 6. But LLVM generates assembler code with
three-operands version of this instruction on any MIPS64 ISA. The third
operand is always zero, so in case of direct code generation we get
correct code.

This patch fixes the bug by adding an instruction alias. The same alias
already exists for 32-bit ISA.

Ideally, we also need to reject three-operands version of the `rdhwr`
instruction in an assembler code if ISA revision is less than 6. That is
a task for a separate patch.

This fixes PR38861 (https://bugs.llvm.org/show_bug.cgi?id=38861)

Differential revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D51773

FreeBSD Ports — head/net/bird Makefile

Fix creating birdvty at installation time

PR:                233185
Submitted by:        hashiz at meridiani.jp
Delta File
+3 -1 head/net/bird/Makefile
+3 -1 1 file

LLVM — libcxx/trunk/include iterator, libcxx/trunk/test/std/iterators/iterator.primitives/iterator.traits empty.fail.cpp iterator.pass.cpp

Fix PR39619 - iterator_traits isn't SFINAE-friendly enough. Thanks to Eric for the report

LLVM — llvm/branches/release_70/lib/Target/Mips MipsInstrFPU.td MicroMips32r6InstrInfo.td, llvm/branches/release_70/test/CodeGen/Mips micromips-mtc-mfc.ll

Merging r341221:

r341221 | atanasyan | 2018-08-31 08:57:17 -0700 (Fri, 31 Aug 2018) | 12 lines

[mips] Fix `mtc1` and `mfc1` definitions for microMIPS R6

The `mtc1` and `mfc1` definitions in the MipsInstrFPU.td have MMRel,
but do not have StdMMR6Rel tags. When these instructions are emitted
for microMIPS R6 targets, `Mips::MipsR62MicroMipsR6` nor
`Mips::Std2MicroMipsR6` cannot find correct op-codes and as a result the
backend uses mips32 variant of the instructions encoding.

The patch fixes this problem by adding the StdMMR6Rel tag and check
instructions encoding in the test case.

Differential revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D51482

LLVM — llvm/branches/release_70/lib/Target/Mips MipsSEInstrInfo.cpp, llvm/branches/release_70/test/CodeGen/Mips micromips-b-range.ll

Merging r340932:

r340932 | atanasyan | 2018-08-29 07:54:01 -0700 (Wed, 29 Aug 2018) | 11 lines

[mips] Fix microMIPS unconditional branch offset handling

MipsSEInstrInfo class defines for internal purpose unconditional
branches as Mips::B nad Mips:J even in case of microMIPS code
generation. Under some conditions that leads to the bug - for rather long
branch which fits to Mips jump instruction offset size, but does not fit
to microMIPS jump offset size, we generate 'short' branch and later show
an error 'out of range PC16 fixup' after check in the isBranchOffsetInRange

Differential revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D50615

LLVM — llvm/branches/release_70/lib/Target/Mips MipsSEInstrInfo.cpp, llvm/branches/release_70/test/CodeGen/Mips longbranch.ll

Merging r340931:

r340931 | atanasyan | 2018-08-29 07:53:55 -0700 (Wed, 29 Aug 2018) | 6 lines

[mips] Involves microMIPS's jump in the analyzable branch set

Involves microMIPS's jump in the analyzable branch set to reduce some
code patterns.

Differential revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D50613

LLVM — llvm/branches/release_70/lib/Target/Mips MipsSEFrameLowering.cpp MipsSEISelDAGToDAG.cpp, llvm/branches/release_70/test/CodeGen/Mips shrink-wrap-buildpairf64-extractelementf64.mir buildpairf64-extractelementf64-implicit-sp.ll

Merging r340927:

r340927 | vstefanovic | 2018-08-29 07:07:14 -0700 (Wed, 29 Aug 2018) | 14 lines

[mips] Prevent shrink-wrap for BuildPairF64, ExtractElementF64 when they use $sp

For a certain combination of options, BuildPairF64_{64}, ExtractElementF64{_64}
may be expanded into instructions using stack.
Add implicit operand $sp for such cases so that ShrinkWrapping doesn't move
prologue setup below them.

Fixes MultiSource/Benchmarks/MallocBench/cfrac for
'--target=mips-img-linux-gnu -mcpu=mips32r6 -mfpxx -mnan=2008'
'--target=mips-img-linux-gnu -mcpu=mips32r6 -mfp64 -mnan=2008 -mno-odd-spreg'.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D50986


SmartOS — . Makefile, tools build_strap

OS-XXXX need target to build proto.strap cache
Delta File
+60 -6 tools/build_strap
+4 -0 Makefile
+64 -6 2 files

FreeBSD — head/sys/kern kern_environment.c

Add dynamic_kenv assertion to init_static_kenv

Both to formally document the requirement that this not be called after the
dynamic kenv is setup, and to perhaps help static analyzers figure out
what's going on. While calling init_static_kenv this late isn't fatal, there
are some caveats that the caller should be aware of:

- Late calls are effectively a no-op, as far as default FreeBSD is
concerned, as everything will switch to searching the dynamic kenv once it's

- Each of the kern_getenv calls will leak memory, as it's assumed that
these are searching static environment and allocations will not be made.

As such, this usage is not sensible and should be detected.
Delta File
+1 -0 head/sys/kern/kern_environment.c
+1 -0 1 file

FreeBSD Ports — head/devel/cltune Makefile

devel/cltune: Unbreak on gcc architectures.

PR:                232670
Submitted by:        Piotr Kubaj <pkubaj at anongoth.pl>
Delta File
+1 -3 head/devel/cltune/Makefile
+1 -3 1 file

LLVM — cfe/trunk/include/clang/Basic DiagnosticDriverKinds.td, cfe/trunk/lib/Driver/ToolChains Clang.cpp MSVC.cpp

[clang-cl] Do not allow using both /Zc:dllexportInlines- and /fallback flag

Summary: /Zc:dllexportInlines with /fallback may cause unexpected linker error. It is 
better to disallow compile rather than warn for this combination.

Reviewers: hans, thakis

Reviewed By: hans

Subscribers: cfe-commits, llvm-commits

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D54426

LLVM — cfe/trunk CMakeLists.txt

CMake: Deprecate using llvm-config to detect llvm installation

clang currently uses llvm-config to determine the installation paths
for llvm's headers and binaries.  clang is also using LLVM's cmake
files to determine other information about the LLVM build, like
LLVM_LIBDIR_SUFFIX, LLVM_VERSION_*, etc.  Since the installation
paths are also available via the cmake files, we can simplify the code
by only relying on information from cmake about the LLVM install and
dropping the use of llvm-config altogether.

In addition to simplifying the code, the cmake files have more
accurate information about the llvm installation paths.  llvm-config
assumes that the lib, bin, and cmake directories are always located
in the same place relative to the path of the llvm-config executable.
This can be wrong if a user decides to install headers, binaries
or libraries to a non-standard location: e.g. static libraries
installed to /usr/lib/llvm6.0/

This patch takes the first step towards dropping llvm-config by
removing the automatic detection of llvm-config (users can still
manually supply a path to llvm-config by passing
-DLLVM_CONFIG=/usr/bin/llvm-config to cmake) and adding a
deprecation warning when users try to use this option.

    [5 lines not shown]
Delta File
+32 -17 cfe/trunk/CMakeLists.txt
+32 -17 1 file

FreeBSD Ports — head/graphics/drm-devel-kmod Makefile distinfo

graphics/drm-devel-kmod: enable experimental i386 support.

Alongside update to a later snapshot which brings vmwgfx.

Obtained from:        FreeBSDDesktop

LLVM — cfe/trunk CMakeLists.txt

CMake: Replace open-coded find_package

Reviewers: beanz, mgorny

Reviewed By: mgorny

Subscribers: cfe-commits, chapuni, llvm-commits

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D32577
Delta File
+2 -7 cfe/trunk/CMakeLists.txt
+2 -7 1 file

FreeBSD Ports — head/devel/riscv64-gcc Makefile

Remove a sneaked change in r484853

MFH:                2018Q4
Sponsored by:        The FreeBSD Foundation
Delta File
+0 -1 head/devel/riscv64-gcc/Makefile
+0 -1 1 file

LLVM — llvm/trunk/examples/Kaleidoscope/BuildingAJIT/Chapter2 toy.cpp

[BuildingAJIT] Fixing the build by inserting a forgotten paren.

FreeBSD Ports — head/devel/riscv64-gcc Makefile files, head/devel/riscv64-gcc/files patch-fuse-ld=lld

Add support of -fuse-ld=lld

Merge support from upstream gcc for -fuse-ld=lld.  It's already committed and
should appear in a future release.

PR:                233174
Submitted by:        brooks
MFH:                2018Q4
Sponsored by:        The FreeBSD Foundation
Delta File
+105 -0 head/devel/riscv64-gcc/files/patch-fuse-ld=lld
+2 -0 head/devel/riscv64-gcc/Makefile
+0 -0 head/devel/riscv64-gcc/files/
+107 -0 3 files

FreeNAS — src/freenas/etc/ix.rc.d ix-kerberos

Allow krb5.conf to get minimal functional configuration if AD_init fails
Delta File
+10 -2 src/freenas/etc/ix.rc.d/ix-kerberos
+10 -2 1 file

LLVM — llvm/trunk/test/tools/llvm-objdump full-contents.test

[commit test] Add blank line to test/tools/llvm-objdump/full-contents.test

FreeNAS — src/freenas/etc/directoryservice rc.ActiveDirectory

Use AD_remove_config to make sure the config file is gone

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/CodeGen/SelectionDAG DAGCombiner.cpp

[DAGCombiner] Enable tryToFoldExtendOfConstant to run after legalize vector ops

It should be ok to create a new build_vector after legal operations so long as it doesn't 
cause an infinite loop in DAG combiner.

Unfortunately, X86's custom constant folding in combineVSZext is hiding any test changes 
from this. But I'm trying to get to a point where that X86 specific code isn't necessary 
at all.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D54285

FreeNAS — src/freenas/etc/directoryservice rc.ActiveDirectory, src/freenas/etc/directoryservice/ActiveDirectory ctl

Validate AD config file before using it.

- See if we can open a socket to servers in config file before
we use it. This should help avoid situations where a stale config file can
prevent users from being able to restart the AD service.
- Add additional safeguard to generate_krb_conf.py to allow us to generate
a functional krb5.conf file even when our service account is unable to
perform a successful ldap bind.

FreeBSD — head/contrib/elftoolchain/strings strings.c

Revert r340385, strings capability mode

This needs to be reworked for bootstrapping.

HardenedBSD — contrib/elftoolchain/strings strings.c

Revert r340385, strings capability mode

This needs to be reworked for bootstrapping.

LLVM — llvm/trunk/docs/tutorial BuildingAJIT2.rst, llvm/trunk/examples/Kaleidoscope/BuildingAJIT/Chapter1 toy.cpp

[BuildingAJIT] Clang-format chapters 1 and 2.

LLVM — llvm/trunk/docs/tutorial BuildingAJIT2.rst, llvm/trunk/examples/Kaleidoscope/BuildingAJIT/Chapter2 toy.cpp KaleidoscopeJIT.h

[BuildingAJIT] Update chapter 2 to use the ORCv2 APIs.

OpenBSD — lib/libssl ssl_sigalgs.c

Fix pkey_ok to be less strange, and add cuve checks required for the EC ones
ok tb@
Delta File
+26 -9 lib/libssl/ssl_sigalgs.c
+26 -9 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/net if_gif.c

get the inner and outer tos values right for passing to ip_ecn_ingress
Delta File
+3 -3 sys/net/if_gif.c
+3 -3 1 file

LLVM — llvm/trunk/docs/CommandGuide FileCheck.rst

[FileCheck] fixing small formatting error in docs

LLVM — llvm/trunk/include/llvm/Object ELFTypes.h, llvm/trunk/test/tools/llvm-readobj gnu-note-size.test

[libObject] Fix getDesc for Elf_Note_Impl

This change fixes a bug in Elf_Note_Impl in which Elf_Word was used
where uint8_t should have been used.

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/Support FileCheck.cpp

[FileCheck] fixing typo in assert

NetBSD — sys/dev/fdt fdt_intr.c

Avoid using the "interrupt-map" table on our own interrupts.

This is needed by the rk3399.dtsi's pcie0 node, which needs to map its
interrupts an entity other than itself.

Suggested by jmcneill@
Delta File
+3 -3 sys/dev/fdt/fdt_intr.c
+3 -3 1 file

LLVM — llvm/trunk/docs/CommandGuide FileCheck.rst, llvm/trunk/include/llvm/Support FileCheck.h

[FileCheck] introduce CHECK-COUNT-<num> repetition directive

In some cases it is desirable to match the same pattern repeatedly
many times. Currently the only way to do it is to copy the same
check pattern as many times as needed. And that gets pretty unwieldy
when its more than count is big.

Introducing CHECK-COUNT-<num> directive which acts like a plain CHECK
directive yet matches the same pattern exactly <num> times.

Extended FileCheckType to a struct to add Count there.
Changed some parsing routines to handle non-fixed length of directive
(all currently existing directives were fixed-length).

The code is generic enough to allow future support for COUNT in more
than just PlainCheck directives.

See motivating example for this feature in reviews.llvm.org/D54223.

Reviewed By: chandlerc, dblaikie
Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D54336

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/Target/AArch64 AArch64InstrInfo.cpp

[MachineOutliner][NFC] Simplify isMBBSafeToOutlineFrom check in AArch64 outliner

Turns out it's way simpler to do this check with one LRU. Instead of
maintaining two, just keep one. Check if each of the registers is available,
and then check if it's a live out from the block. If it's a live out, but
available in the block, we know we're in an unsafe case.

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/Transforms/Scalar ConstantProp.cpp

Introduce DebugCounter into ConstProp pass

This patch introduces DebugCounter into ConstProp pass at per-transformation level.

It will provide an option to skip first n or stop after n transformations for the whole 
ConstProp pass.

This will make debug easier for the pass, also providing chance to do transformation level 

Reviewers: davide, fhahn

Reviewed By: fhahn

Subscribers: llozano, george.burgess.iv, llvm-commits

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D50094

FreeBSD Ports — head/math/py-sympy distinfo Makefile

- Update to 1.3

PR:                233148
Submitted by:        yuri@

FreeBSD Ports — branches/2018Q4/emulators/rpcs3 Makefile distinfo

MFH: r484847

emulators/rpcs3: update to

Changes:        https://github.com/RPCS3/rpcs3/compare/7180c1f2d...2e1aec4de
Approved by:        ports-secteam (junovitch, implicit for snapshots)

FreeBSD Ports — branches/2018Q4/emulators/citra distinfo Makefile

MFH: r484848

emulators/citra: update to s20181111

Changes:        https://github.com/citra-emu/citra/compare/a59920ed3...f43524fff
Approved by:        ports-secteam (swills, implicit for snapshots)

FreeBSD Ports — head/multimedia/aom distinfo Makefile

multimedia/aom: update to

Changes:        https://aomedia.googlesource.com/aom/+log/395858288..b3938da73

FreeBSD Ports — head/emulators/citra distinfo Makefile

emulators/citra: update to s20181111

Changes:        https://github.com/citra-emu/citra/compare/a59920ed3...f43524fff

FreeBSD Ports — head/emulators/rpcs3 Makefile distinfo

emulators/rpcs3: update to

Changes:        https://github.com/RPCS3/rpcs3/compare/7180c1f2d...2e1aec4de

PC-BSD — release release-trueos.sh


Merge pull request #209 from miwi-fbsd/trueos-master

- Sync with FreeBSD
∈ Kris Moore - 500af5d7 - 2018-11-13 00:13:02

Merge pull request #215 from trueos/beanpole135-patch-1

Update runtime.ucl
∈ Ken Moore - 94b01fac - 2018-11-12 19:10:27
    Update release-trueos.sh
    A few cleanup operations for the ISO:
    * Exclude the "-profile" base packages from being *installed* on the ISO.
    * Add a "prune-dist-packages" set of package lists which will be used for removing 
dist files from the ISO.
       * Each entry is treated as a basic regex (case-insensitive)
       * This will remove the matched files, but may leave dependencies of those package 
files behind.
       * Each entry automatically ends in "*.txz" so an entry can have the form 
"packagename" or "packagename-" instead of "packagename-*.txz"
Delta File
+18 -7 release/release-trueos.sh
+18 -7 1 file

OpenZFS on OS X — include/sys vdev_impl.h ldi_buf.h, module/zfs ldi_iokit.cpp vdev_disk.c

Avoid kmem_alloc in IO path

There appears to be some issues with too-frequent allocations in spl-kmem
and this is especially noticable due to allocations we do for each
read or write IO operation.
We embed the vdev_buf into zio struct itself, and since ldi_vnode has
to call buf_alloc() we also allow ldi_iokit to allocate a local holder.
(It is inconvenient to try to include C++ headers in zio.h).

If this does speed up IO, it is only because we now avoid the real problem
which is still something we should also address

OpenBSD — sys/net if_gre.c

add txprio support to gre, mgre, egre, nvgre, and eoip

for l3 interfaces (gre and mgre), allow txprio from the payload,
the mbuf, or a hardcoded value. for l2 interfaces (egre, ngre, and
eoip), get txprio from the mbuf or a hardcoded value.

ok claudio@
Delta File
+127 -5 sys/net/if_gre.c
+127 -5 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/net if_gif.c

add txprio setting support

gif encaps l3, so it can get a prio from the payload, as well as
from the mbuf itself, or a hardcoded value.

ok claudio@
Delta File
+31 -1 sys/net/if_gif.c
+31 -1 1 file

LLVM — llvm/trunk/test/Transforms/InstCombine rotate.ll

[InstCombine] add rotate variants that include select; NFC