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MFH: r484324

Security update from 1.15.5 to 1.15.6.

Temporary disable third-party upstream_fair module, it should
be updated to build with the modern version of the nginx.

While I'm here fix some whitespaces.

Security:       84ca56be-e1de-11e8-bcfd-00e04c1ea73d
Approved by:    ports-secteam (miwi)


*) Security: when using HTTP/2 a client might cause excessive memory
   consumption (CVE-2018-16843) and CPU usage (CVE-2018-16844).

*) Security: processing of a specially crafted mp4 file with the
   ngx_http_mp4_module might result in worker process memory disclosure

*) Feature: the "proxy_socket_keepalive", "fastcgi_socket_keepalive",
   "grpc_socket_keepalive", "memcached_socket_keepalive",
   "scgi_socket_keepalive", and "uwsgi_socket_keepalive" directives.

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