DragonFlyBSD/src 6ffa693sys/vfs/msdosfs msdosfs_vnops.c

sys/vfs/msdosfs: Fix comment on locking on rename(2)

fdvp is locked too.

DragonFlyBSD/src bc5f116sys/vfs/msdosfs msdosfs_fat.c msdosfsmount.h

sys/vfs/msdosfs: Sync VFS lock assertion with FreeBSD

Same locking applies to DragonFly VFS for these.

DragonFlyBSD/src bf95f21sys/vfs/msdosfs msdosfs_vnops.c msdosfs_denode.c

sys/vfs/msdosfs: Allow deupdat() against non root directory

bits from freebsd/freebsd at c7af094e18c4e4ca2a26a88c488a803472d330ee

Given ondisk layout of root directory in FAT12/16 and FAT32,
don't allow deupdat() or setattr() against root directory,
but allow against other directories.

DragonFlyBSD/src 3854335sys/sys wait.h

<sys/wait.h>: Provide and use siginfo_t and union sigval.

+3-31 files

DragonFlyBSD/src 27622b7sys/sys _siginfo.h signal.h

Add <sys/_siginfo.h> to provide the definitions of siginfo_t and sigval.

They will be shared between <signal.h> and <sys/wait.h>.
+144-1002 files

DragonFlyBSD/src 2ff60deshare/misc pci_vendors

Update the pciconf(8) database.

November 10, 2019 snapshot from https://pci-ids.ucw.cz
+106-131 files

DragonFlyBSD/src 6a951e1sys/vfs/msdosfs msdosfs_vnops.c

sys/vfs/msdosfs: Correct _PC_FILESIZEBITS value

32 is enough (where did 33 come from ?).

DragonFlyBSD/src 922d931sys/sys wait.h

<sys/wait.h>: Remove duplicate include.

<machine/stdint.h> is already included at this point.
+0-11 files

DragonFlyBSD/dports 89dc5d4emulators/gxemul Makefile pkg-descr, emulators/gxemul/files patch-configure patch-src_devices_dev__wdc.cc

Import emulators/gxemul version 0.6.2

DragonFlyBSD/src e913106sys/vfs/msdosfs msdosfs_conv.c

sys/vfs/msdosfs: Remove seemingly unneeded mbnambuf code

originally from 3435d5778808adf9c89a4f9f0e34010b4dc8888f in 2009.
Sync with what FreeBSD does.
Also sync minor styles with FreeBSD.

DragonFlyBSD/src 29b24abgames/sail dr_5.c

sail(6): Comment out a double assignment.
+2-01 files

DragonFlyBSD/src 806a5edlib/libc/citrus citrus_mmap.c, lib/libc/gen sysconf.c

libc: Add more namespace.h/un-namespace.h.

DragonFlyBSD/src 78897f0lib/libc_r/uthread uthread_mutex.c pthread_private.h

Remove the old libc_r.

Nothing is using it, if it even works, and no one has been working
on it for a long time.

Approved-by: dillon

DragonFlyBSD/src 6248153test/libpthread mutex_d.c sigsuspend_d.c

test/libpthread: Clean up a bit.

DragonFlyBSD/src e5a92d3lib/libc_r/test mutex_d.c verify, test/libpthread mutex_d.c verify

Move libc_r's tests to a more generic location.

DragonFlyBSD/src 020a878lib/libc/sys sigprocmask.2, lib/libc/upmap sigblockall.3 Makefile.inc

sigblockall.3/sigprocmask.2: Various small fixes/markup improvements.

DragonFlyBSD/src 21265a8usr.bin/dsynth status.c build.c

dsynth(1): Fix a couple of typos.

While here, remove two useless externs.

DragonFlyBSD/src a474434lib/libmagic/libmagic Makefile

libmagic: Sort MAGFILES before creating /usr/share/misc/magic.

DragonFlyBSD/src 9aaa28fusr.bin/calendar calendar.h

calendar(1): Remove a useless extern.

DragonFlyBSD/src da589ccsys/vfs/msdosfs msdosfs_vfsops.c

sys/vfs/msdosfs: Assume up to 8192 bytes sector for BPB

from freebsd/freebsd at dba17f21d375effcf89349e1d86b34b2f408ad0b

DragonFlyBSD/src d0bcca4. Makefile.inc1 Makefile

build - Add build-all and install-all targets

* Add a 'smart' build-all and install-all target that spews to a
  log file instead of to the screen and.   Will automatically
  run the build stage -j N, and both targets can be specified on
  one command line.

  make build-all install-all

  build-all:    runs buildworld and buildkernel -j hw.ncpu
  install-all:  runs installkernel and installworld -j 1

* The usual warnings and cautions still apply when installing a
  new world and kernel.
+32-12 files

DragonFlyBSD/src 7677b6fsys/vfs/msdosfs msdosfs_lookup.c

sys/vfs/msdosfs: Return EBUSY on lookup on delete/rename of MSDOSFSROOT_OFS

from freebsd/freebsd at e672feb26e335afc5801c618b8d3e24ee7d29414

DragonFlyBSD/src f66b17fsys/vfs/msdosfs direntry.h msdosfs_fat.c

sys/vfs/msdosfs: Sync minor styles with FreeBSD

DragonFlyBSD/src 78f4286usr.bin/dsynth build.c

dsynth - Go back to NO_DEPENDS, with conditions

* Remove STRICT_DEPENDS (that was just added) and go back to
  using NO_DEPENDS, but conditionalized based on the phase.  This
  is an attempt to match what synth does.

* USE_PACKAGE_DEPENDS_ONLY is still set globally, and it seems to
  be in synth as well, but there are still differences in certain
  builds such as textproc/libxslt-reference.

DragonFlyBSD/src ab67bc4sys/vfs/msdosfs msdosfs_fat.c

sys/vfs/msdosfs: Don't use MSDOSFSMNT_WAITONFAT

from freebsd/freebsd at 5e07d49c626dea51d672ea9d9bd1499e0ae8eb29

DragonFlyBSD/src 54838d5sys/vfs/msdosfs msdosfs_denode.c

sys/vfs/msdosfs: Allow B_CLUSTEROK in deupdat()

Since now that VFS clustering is supported, apply remaining bits
from freebsd/freebsd at 3bbdcb77fd843ff34a0054bea92392cee78dd0ec
that was dropped in 8480e7bcdf9ffa9f44f80f9362c6f62424ada748.

DragonFlyBSD/src 8a7fa1fsys/dev/video/vga vga_switcheroo.c

kernel/vga_switcheroo: Remove duplicate include of <sys/sysctl.h>.

DragonFlyBSD/src 15c8fbesys/sys thread.h

<sys/thread.h>: Mark several structs as kernel structures.

 This reduces pollution in userspace.  Adjust several comments.

 While there, mark "struct lwkt_cpu_msg" and lwkt_cpu_port as disabled.
+17-121 files

DragonFlyBSD/src eaf07fasys/cpu/x86_64/include npx.h, sys/libprop prop_number.h

kernel: Stop using <stdint.h> during kernel build.

 This includes VKERNEL too.  Now it should be possible to fully build
 kernel with headers only from src/sys/ (except VKERNEL that is using
 userland headers for obvious reasons, prominently the <signal.h>).

 Now <stdint.h> separation from <sys/types.h> could begin.

DragonFlyBSD/src 6b2b0a8sys/sys types.h stdint.h

<sys/stdint.h>: Repurpose.

 Start using this header as proxy to separate non sys/ headers from
 userland only headers.
 * Move in first kernel specific types from <sys/types.h>.
 * Tidy up type definitions for better readability.
 * Remove old comment about cdev that is no longer needed.

 Strictly non functional changes.
+69-602 files

DragonFlyBSD/src 5569e48sys/sys proc_common.h kinfo.h, usr.bin/netstat route.c

<sys/kinfo.h>: Fix legacy inclusion issues.

 Sadly this header was not being included properly for a long time.
 Make it publicly accessible and put a big NOTE how to do it properly for
 future codes.  This makes the <sys/user.h> the only other header that
 defines _KERNEL_STRUCTURES to solve long term inclusion order issues.
 Previous variant was hiding implicit dependencies, adjust netstat(1).

 Any changes in this header breaks a lot of ports, try not to change any
 of the structs.  Also make sure KERN_SIGTRAMP has public visibility.

 While there remove two defines that were not used since introduced in

DragonFlyBSD/src 6db8e03sys/sys types.h, sys/vm vm_pager.h

<sys/types.h>: Make boolean_t kernel only type.

 This effectively eliminates boolean_t from use in userland.  Injecting
 this type into userland codes often creates issues in DPorts where ports
 are defining their own boolean_t type.  Kernel headers now do not make
 any references to this type even under _KERNEL_STRUCTURES.
 If visibility is desired kernel headers can use __boolean_t that will
 not conflict with 3rd-party software codes.

 While there, make "struct pagerops" in vm/vm_pager.h kernel only, it is
 only used below for pagertab that is already under _KERNEL.

DragonFlyBSD/src 27a6bcesys/sys systimer.h

<sys/systimer.h>: Do not inject boolean_t type into userland.

 The original workaround in 59ef3aa79b36a4ea4883a900381454c6b3bb4ea8
 seem to have been to unbreak building fstat(1) and newsyslog(8).
 The <sys/proc.h> (through <sys/user.h>) only needs "struct systimer"
 visibility.  Make rest of the structures kernel only, those are not
 referenced in kernel headers.
+8-141 files

DragonFlyBSD/src bb0905bsys/vm vm_zone.h

<vm/vm_zone.h>: Adjust visibility.
+9-51 files

DragonFlyBSD/src eb889a5sys/sys sglist.h

sys/sglist.h: Mark as kernel only header.
+4-01 files

DragonFlyBSD/src 034f8e5sys/boot/pc32/btx/lib btxv86.h, sys/emulation/ndis pe_var.h

<sys/types.h>: Reduce vm_* types pollution in userland.

 Userland should not be using these types outside kernel structures or
 <vm/*.h> scope.  Adjust several userland and boot code sources to
 include <machine/types.h> where they use them (mainly for vm_offset_t).
 * sys/fbio.h: Used in several world utilities and libvgl.
 * sys/kinfo.h: Use size_t for kp_vm_map_size (header used in userland).
 * sys/emulation/ndis/pe_var.h: Used in ndiscvt(8).
 * bus/firewire/fwcrom.c: Compiled directly in fwcontrol(8).
 * mptable(1): include <machine/types.h>, should really not be using
   vm_offset_t and looks to be suspiciously broken.
 * sys/boot: For now include <machine/types.h> for vm_offset_t in
   several headers, should really not be using vm types.

 Rest of world utilities get vm types through <sys/user.h>.

 While there, move pthread type inclusion to the very end of the source,
 doing so improves readability of compiler intermediates a lot.

 Strictly visibility changes only.

DragonFlyBSD/src a0d4296sys/boot/pc32/libi386 biosacpi.c, sys/cpu/x86_64/include types.h

<cpu/types.h>: Use basic LP types for vm_offset_t and vm_size_t.

 Adjust PRI in biosacpi.c to use natural "%08x" specifier. The
 sys/boot/pc32/libi386/biosacpi.c is only used in 32bit loader.

 No other functional differences in both kernel and world.

DragonFlyBSD/src da82a65include pthread_np.h, sys/cpu/x86_64/include cpumask.h types.h

Add <sys/cpumask.h>.

 Collect and gather all scatter cpumask bits to correct headers. This
 cleans up the namespace and simplifies platform handling in asm macros.
 The cpumask_t together with its macros is already non MI feature that is
 used in userland utilities, libraries, kernel scheduler and syscalls.
 It deserves sys/ header.  Adjust syscalls.master and rerun sysent.

 While there, fix an issue in ports that set POSIX env, but has
 implementation of setting thread names through pthread_set_name_np().

DragonFlyBSD/src 170f955sys/cpu/x86_64/include pmap.h, sys/platform/pc64/x86_64 genassym.c

platform/pc64: Remove unused PDESIZE/PTESIZE constants.

 Leftover from early x86_64 porting.

DragonFlyBSD/src 40209b5lib/libc/gen setproctitle.c, lib/libkvm kvm_minidump_x86_64.c

cpu/x64_64: Move MMU page table types back to <cpu/pmap.h>.

 Reduce namespace pollution.  These types are common for both
 pc64/vkernel64 and are used in pmap context only.
 All userland cases need just VM_MAX_USER_ADDRESS, PS_STRINGS constants
 through <machine/vmparam.h> with huge cpp expansion that requires
 <machine/pmap.h> header inclusion anyway.  Simplify it.

 * Hard-code NPTEPG/NPDEPG/NPDPEPG/NPML4EPG constants to properly solve
   header inclusion ordering.  The SHIFT constants are hard-coded already
   (log2() values) so there are no reasons to pretend everything will
   adjust automatically.
 * Use LU suffixes, debug printf() in vkernel64 use %ld types.
 * Optionally reorder includes in libc setproctitle.c.
 * Optionally add explicit includes in libkvm where pmap.h is only
   coming from <sys/user.h>.  The kvm_*_x86_64.c use X86_PG_* constants.

 For now keep PDESIZE/PTESIZE (used in pc64 genassym.c).

 No intermediates differences observed.

DragonFlyBSD/src f582540sys/cpu/x86_64/include stdint.h types.h, sys/sys types.h

<sys/types.h>: Declare register_t type directly.

 It is expected by some of the ports.  Use compiler attribute to select
 correct word size if supported, else use LP types in for __register_t.
 Remove unused u_register_t.

DragonFlyBSD/src 372c9f7sys/cpu/x86_64/include types.h, sys/sys types.h

<sys/types.h>: Adjust visibility of segsz_t.

 It is a historic BSD type used in "struct vmspace", "struct kinfo_lwp".
 Remove no longer needed __ intermediate type.

DragonFlyBSD/src 3bd76casys/sys sem.h

<sys/sem.h>: Use generic types.
+1-11 files

DragonFlyBSD/src d96b5bbsys/cpu/x86_64/include stdint.h

<machine/stdint.h>: Adjust basic types to be more generic.

 Use basic LP types for time_t to avoid need to use cast (uintmax_t) in
 debug prints.  The clock_t could be adjusted too, but previously on i386
 DragonFly used int for this type.

 The same could be done for vm_offset_t and vm_size_t.

DragonFlyBSD/src 3ebf970sys/cpu/x86_64/include stdint.h

<machine/stdint.h>: Add two basic LP types.

 These will be used to derive types that depend on data type models.
 On x64_64 is is very simple.  Non ILP32/LP64 model usage on UNIX-like
 systems is rather exception.  For example if we would support LLP64
 data type model, we would declare these types as follows:
   typedef long long __intlp_t;
   typedef unsigned long long __uintlp_t;

DragonFlyBSD/src 9d4f17dinclude/arpa inet.h, sys/sys ipc.h globaldata.h

Adjust headers for <machine/stdint.h> visibility.

 This also reduces namespace pollution a bit.  Include <machine/stdint.h>
 where <stdint.h> is used too.  External compiler under -ffreestanding
 (__STDC_HOSTED__ == 0) will use their own <stdint.h> version and will
 not include <machine/stdint.h>.

DragonFlyBSD/src 125cd2finclude stdint.h, lib/libevtr evtr.c

<stdint.h>: Move out ptrdiff_t type.

 The ISO C does not specify that <stdint.h> should provide this type,
 this type should be declared in <stddef.h> for use by userland.

 Since we do not want to create a separate header for this useful type
 to be used by kernel, move it to <sys/types.h> under _KERNEL visibility.

 Adjust few places to include <stddef.h> with a minor whitespace cleanup.

DragonFlyBSD/dports 2201e03textproc/fcitx-table-other pkg-plist Makefile, textproc/fcitx-table-other/files patch-tables__CMakeLists.txt

Import textproc/fcitx-table-other version 0.2.3

DragonFlyBSD/src 7b0238fsys/vfs/msdosfs msdosfs_vnops.c

Revert "sys/vfs/msdosfs: Correct _PC_FILESIZEBITS value"

This reverts commit 6a951e106bca493303959d97e688c06f9ec21f3a.

32 bits is not enough because per the standard, it has to be the
minimum number of bits needed to represent, "as a signed integer
value", the maximum size of a regular file allowed in the specified
directory. And 32 is the lower limit of this value.


DragonFlyBSD/dports 0400601databases/influxdb Makefile, sysutils/x86info Makefile

Merge branch 'staged'