DragonFlyBSD/dports 7163654print/qpdfview Makefile

Bump print/qpdfview to version 0.4.18.b1_1

DragonFlyBSD/dports bfe639cgraphics/diffpdf Makefile

Bump graphics/diffpdf to version 2.1.3_6

DragonFlyBSD/dports 6f92868audio/qsampler Makefile

Update audio/qsampler to version 0.5.0_2

DragonFlyBSD/src df49ec1sys/config LINT64, sys/platform/pc64/x86_64 pmap.c

kernel - VM rework part 18 - Cleanup

* Significantly reduce the zone limit for pvzone (for pmap
  pv_entry structures).  pv_entry's are no longer allocated
  on a per-page basis so the limit can be made much smaller.

  This also has the effect of reducing the per-cpu cache limit
  which ultimately stabilizes wired memory use for the zone.

* Also reduce the generic pre-cpu cache limit for zones.
  This only really effects the pvzone.

* Make pvzone, mapentzone, and swap_zone __read_mostly.

* Enhance vmstat -z, report current structural use and actual
  total memory use.

* Also cleanup the copyright statement for vm/vm_zone.c.  John Dyson's
  original copyright was slightly different than the BSD copyright and
  stipulated no changes, so separate out the DragonFly addendum.

DragonFlyBSD/dports 394947ex11-themes/xfce-evolution pkg-plist Makefile

Update x11-themes/xfce-evolution to version 6.0.3_1

DragonFlyBSD/dports fc60e17x11-fonts/iosevka distinfo Makefile

Update x11-fonts/iosevka to version 2.2.1

DragonFlyBSD/dports fd146adx11-themes/Kvantum distinfo Makefile

Update x11-themes/Kvantum to version 0.11.1

DragonFlyBSD/dports b66367ax11-fonts/py-fontmake Makefile distinfo

Tweak x11-fonts/py-fontmake version 1.8.0

DragonFlyBSD/dports 95a618ax11-fonts/fntsample Makefile distinfo

Update x11-fonts/fntsample to version 5.3_1

DragonFlyBSD/dports ef097b6x11-fonts/comic-neue Makefile distinfo

Tweak x11-fonts/comic-neue version 2.4_1

DragonFlyBSD/dports f07a631x11-fm/fsv2 Makefile

Tweak x11-fm/fsv2 version 1.1.0

DragonFlyBSD/dports f378134x11-drivers/xf86-video-amdgpu distinfo Makefile

Update x11-drivers/xf86-video-amdgpu to version 19.0.1

DragonFlyBSD/dports b3c68e5x11/hs-xmobar distinfo Makefile, x11/hs-xmobar/files extra-patch-hinotify.cabal

Update x11/hs-xmobar to version 0.29.4_4

DragonFlyBSD/dports fc7cb0bx11/rubygem-gnome2 Makefile

Bump x11/rubygem-gnome2 to version 3.3.6_1

DragonFlyBSD/dports ccb2a71x11/pcdm Makefile pkg-plist

Tweak x11/pcdm version 201710031254_1

DragonFlyBSD/dports 308468bx11/eaglemode Makefile

Bump x11/eaglemode to version 0.94.1_1

DragonFlyBSD/dports 05b4751www/websocat Makefile

Bump www/websocat to version 1.4.0_2

DragonFlyBSD/dports 681d924x11/admiral Makefile

Bump x11/admiral to version

DragonFlyBSD/dports 8aff649www/wordpress distinfo Makefile

Update www/wordpress to version 5.2,1

DragonFlyBSD/dports 77f86b7www/varnish-libvmod-maxminddb Makefile

Tweak www/varnish-libvmod-maxminddb version 1.0.0

DragonFlyBSD/dports dc5c3aawww/tinymce pkg-plist distinfo

Update www/tinymce to version 5.0.5

DragonFlyBSD/dports 978b5b2www/surf Makefile

Tweak www/surf version 2.0_1
+1-11 files

DragonFlyBSD/dports bf844e9www/tdiary Makefile distinfo, www/tdiary/files patch-Gemfile

Update www/tdiary to version 5.0.13

DragonFlyBSD/dports 793a693www/smarty3 Makefile pkg-descr

Tweak www/smarty3 version 3.1.32

DragonFlyBSD/dports 72e492awww/rubygem-roda distinfo Makefile

Update www/rubygem-roda to version 3.20.0

DragonFlyBSD/dports 73390bcwww/qutebrowser distinfo Makefile

Update www/qutebrowser to version 1.6.2

DragonFlyBSD/src 2c68437sys/net netmap_user.h

<net/netmap_user.h>: s/<malloc.h>/<stdlib.h>/.

It is not used in base and in fact the netmap we have in the tree is
not hooked in, but it seems at least one port stumbles over this.

Reported-by: zrj

DragonFlyBSD/dports 8123d0bwww/py-wagtail Makefile, www/py-wagtail/files patch-setup.py

Tweak www/py-wagtail version 2.5

DragonFlyBSD/dports cb9fac8www/py-praw Makefile distinfo, www/py-praw/files patch-setup.py

Tweak www/py-praw version 6.2.0

DragonFlyBSD/dports 8c0729bwww/py-instabot distinfo Makefile

Tweak www/py-instabot version 0.38.0

DragonFlyBSD/dports 5848302www/py-google-cloud-storage distinfo Makefile

Tweak www/py-google-cloud-storage version 1.15.1

DragonFlyBSD/dports 7aa98dbwww/py-gandi.cli Makefile distinfo, www/py-gandi.cli/files patch-setup.py patch-setup.cfg

Tweak www/py-gandi.cli version 1.5

DragonFlyBSD/dports 0bc9eb0www/py-flask-marshmallow distinfo Makefile

Tweak www/py-flask-marshmallow version 0.10.1

DragonFlyBSD/dports d81f326www/py-django-mezzanine Makefile distinfo

Tweak www/py-django-mezzanine version 4.3.1

DragonFlyBSD/dports e9dd47awww/py-django-markwhat Makefile distinfo

Tweak www/py-django-markwhat version 1.6.1

DragonFlyBSD/dports ccad21cwww/py-bjoern distinfo Makefile

Tweak www/py-bjoern version 3.0.0

DragonFlyBSD/dports 00adfe4www/firefox-esr distinfo Makefile, www/firefox-esr/files patch-a-bug1502799

Update www/firefox-esr to version 60.7.0_1,1

DragonFlyBSD/dports 58580dfwww/hs-DAV distinfo Makefile

Import www/hs-DAV version 1.3.3

DragonFlyBSD/dports 880d30awww/orangehrm distinfo Makefile

Update www/orangehrm to version 4.3.1

DragonFlyBSD/dports 3641612www/hs-yesod-bin distinfo Makefile, www/hs-yesod-bin/files patch-yesod-bin.cabal

Update www/hs-yesod-bin to version

DragonFlyBSD/dports 4cb1a27www/newsboat Makefile

Bump www/newsboat to version 2.15_2

DragonFlyBSD/dports 98af428www/moodle36 distinfo Makefile

Tweak www/moodle36 version 3.6.4

DragonFlyBSD/dports 4181109www/moodle35 distinfo Makefile

Tweak www/moodle35 version 3.5.6

DragonFlyBSD/dports a43f167www/miniserve distinfo Makefile

Import www/miniserve version 0.4.1_1

DragonFlyBSD/dports bb7d2a2www/ilias distinfo Makefile

Update www/ilias to version 5.4.2

DragonFlyBSD/dports afeb0c5www/joomla3 pkg-plist distinfo

Update www/joomla3 to version 3.9.6

DragonFlyBSD/dports abab765www/hs-hjsmin distinfo Makefile

Update www/hs-hjsmin to version

DragonFlyBSD/dports bc21e3dwww/hotcrp Makefile

Bump www/hotcrp to version 2.94_2

DragonFlyBSD/dports 5082509www/geckodriver Makefile

Bump www/geckodriver to version 0.23.0_7

DragonFlyBSD/dports 865d481www/horde-ansel distinfo Makefile

Tweak www/horde-ansel version 3.0.10