FreeBSD/ports 499706head/lang/rust-nightly distinfo Makefile

lang/rust-nightly: update to


FreeBSD/ports 499705branches 2019Q2, branches/2019Q2/games/openbor distinfo Makefile

MFH: r499702

games/openbor: update to 6989

Approved by:    ports-secteam (feld, implicit for snapshots)

FreeBSD/ports 499704head/java/jdk12-doc distinfo Makefile

Update to 12.0.1.

FreeBSD/ports 499703head/multimedia/aom distinfo Makefile

multimedia/aom: update to


FreeBSD/ports 499702head/games/openbor distinfo Makefile

FreeBSD/ports 499701head/devel/git-cinnabar distinfo Makefile

devel/git-cinnabar: update to


FreeBSD/ports 499700head/archivers/libcabinet/files patch-Makefile

archivers/libcabinet: back out r499648 after base r346576

This port builds fine with implicit -std=gnu++14 or any -std= as long
as GNU extensions are enabled.

FreeBSD/ports 499699head/java/jdk11-doc distinfo Makefile

Update to 11.0.3.

FreeBSD/ports 499698head/java/jdk8-doc distinfo Makefile

Update to 8u212.

FreeBSD/ports 499697head/java/java-zoneinfo distinfo Makefile

Update to 2019a.

FreeBSD/ports 499696head/math/GiNaC distinfo pkg-plist

 _update to 1.7.6.

FreeBSD/ports 499695head/devel/lutok Makefile files, head/devel/lutok/files patch-state.cpp

Backport patch to fix error check with access(3) failures

The code was not properly checking the failure from access(3).

Backport the patch from GitHub (made after the 0.4 release) which fixes this

Bump PORTREVISION for the change.

PR:            237459
Reviewed by:    asomers, jmmv
Approved by:    jmmv (maintainer)
Obtained from: (a23c7b894cf50dea5e927e36a3578b720fffcf23)
Differential Revision:

FreeBSD/ports 499694head/www/elgg pkg-plist distinfo

- Update to 3.0.2

FreeBSD/ports 499693head/devel/arduino-sevseg distinfo Makefile

devel/arduino-sevseg: Update to 3.4.0

From the change log:

 -  support for '*', which is displayed as degree symbol
 -  expanded setBrightness capabilities
 -  support for displays with no decimal point
 -  improved blank() functionality

Approved by:    ler (mentor, implicit)

FreeBSD/ports 499692head/astro/mkgmap distinfo Makefile

- Update to r4286

FreeBSD/ports 499691head/astro/josm distinfo Makefile

- Update to 14945

FreeBSD/ports 499690head/security/aws-iam-authenticator Makefile distinfo

- Update to 0.4.0

FreeBSD/src 346585projects/runtime-coverage-v2/share/mk

Remove a superfluous `)`

FreeBSD/src 346584projects/runtime-coverage-v2/share/mk

Update the comment above the coverage COMPILER_FEATURES test

FreeBSD/src 346583projects/runtime-coverage-v2/share/mk

Add `coverage` to *COMPILER_FEATURES variable to and test for it

Testing for this value is better than testing for a C++11 capable compiler,
COMPILER_TYPE == clang, etc.

While here, add checks to and to force coverage support
off if not using a coverage capable toolchain.

FreeBSD/ports 499689head/astro/mkgmap-splitter Makefile

- Actualize java version requirements

FreeBSD/ports 499688head/games/teeworlds Makefile distinfo

- Update to
- Switch downloads to GitHub
- Support testing

FreeBSD/ports 499687head/java/openjdk8 Makefile

Minor to whitespace to correct the PR for the previous commit.

Previous commit was:

Always depend on fontconfig

PR:            237436
Submitted by:   Dominik Lisiak <dominik.lisiak at>

FreeBSD/ports 499686head/graphics/pnglite Makefile

- Introduce shared library version

FreeBSD/ports 499685head/java/openjdk8 Makefile

Always depend on fontconfig

PR:            203862
Submitted by:   Dominik Lisiak <dominik.lisiak at>

FreeBSD/ports 499684head/textproc/p5-XML-Handler-Dtd2Html pkg-plist


FreeBSD/ports 499683head/textproc/p5-Text-Hatena pkg-plist


FreeBSD/ports 499682head/textproc/p5-RDF-Simple distinfo Makefile

FreeBSD/ports 499681head/devel/p5-Test2-Plugin-NoWarnings Makefile distinfo

FreeBSD/ports 499680head/devel/p5-DateTime distinfo Makefile

FreeBSD/ports 499679head/devel/p5-Async-Interrupt distinfo Makefile

FreeBSD/ports 499678head/biology/p5-Bio-MAGETAB pkg-plist Makefile


FreeBSD/ports 499677head/german/mythes distinfo Makefile

Update to 2019.04.21

FreeBSD/ports 499676head/devel/rubygem-rufus-scheduler Makefile distinfo

FreeBSD/ports 499675head/devel/py-datatest distinfo Makefile

FreeBSD/ports 499674head/databases/pgFormatter distinfo Makefile

FreeBSD/ports 499673head/net/openntpd Makefile, head/security/acme-client Makefile

Rebuild statically linked security/libressl consumers after r499667

FreeBSD/ports 499672head/security/vuxml vuln.xml

- Document istio vulnerabilities.

FreeBSD/ports 499671head/sysutils/istio distinfo Makefile

- Update to 1.1.3

This release has fixes for CVE-2019-9900 and CVE-2019-9901

MFH:           2019Q2

FreeBSD/ports 499670head/mail/imapsync distinfo Makefile

mail/imapsync: update 1.836 -> 1.882

PR:            237475
Submitted by:   Krzysztof <ports at>

FreeBSD/ports 499669head/games/sgt-puzzles distinfo Makefile

- Update to 20190415

FreeBSD/ports 499668head/x11/xpra Makefile

x11/xpra: Missing paramiko dependency

PR:            237451
Reported by:    0mp

FreeBSD/src 346582head/usr.bin/ar write.c

ar: shuffle symbol offsets during conversion for 32-bit ar archives

During processing we maintain symbol offsets in the 64-bit s_so array,
and when writing the archive convert to 32-bit if no offsets are greater
than 4GB.  However, this was somewhat inefficient as we looped over the
array twice: first, converting to big endian and second, writing each
32-bit value one at a time (and incorrectly so on big-endian platforms).

Instead, when writing a 32-bit archive shuffle convert symbol data to
big endian (as required by the ar format) and shuffle to the beginning
of the allocation at the same time.

Also correct emission of the symbol count on big endian platforms.

Further changes are planned, but this should fix powerpc64.

Reported by:    jhibbits, mlinimon
Reviewed by:    jhibbits, Gerald Aryeetey (earlier)
Tested by:      jhibbits
MFC after:      10 days
MFC with:       r346079
Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation
Differential Revision:
+18-191 files

FreeBSD/ports 499667head UPDATING, head/security/libressl pkg-plist distinfo

security/libressl: Update to 2.9.1

 - Requires a rebuild of all dependent ports

FreeBSD/src 346581head/sys/netinet ip_reass.c, head/sys/netinet6 frag6.c

Revert r346530 until further.

MFC after:             1 week
Sponsored by:          Mellanox Technologies

FreeBSD/src 346580head/lib/libvgl mouse.c simple.c

Fix mouse cursor coloring in depths > 8 (previously, a hack that only
worked right for white interiors and black borders was used).  Advertise
this by changing the default colors to a red interior and a white
border (the same as the kernel default).  Add undocumented env variables
for changing these colors.  Also change to the larger and better-shaped
16x10 cursor sometimes used in the kernel.  The kernel choice is
fancier, but libvgl is closer to supporting the larger cursors needed
in newer modes.

The (n)and-or logic for the cursor doesn't work right for more than 2
colors.  The (n)and part only masks out all color bits for the pixel
under the cursor when all bits are set in the And mask.  With more
complicated logic, the non-masked bits could be used to implement
translucent cursors, but they actually just gave strange colors
(especially in packed and planar modes where the bits are indirect
through 1 or 2 palettes so it is hard to predict the final color).
They also gave a bug for writing pixels under the cursor.  The
non-masked bits under the cursor were not combined in this case.

Drop support for combining with bits under the cursor by making any nonzero
value in the And mask mean all bits set.

Convert the Or mask (which is represented as a half-initialized 256-color
bitmap) to a fully initialized bitmap with the correct number of colors.
The 256-color representation must be as in 3:3:2 direct mode iff the final

    [2 lines not shown]

FreeBSD/src 346579head/share/man/man9 ifnet.9 Makefile, head/sys/dev/cxgbe t4_main.c

Track device's NUMA domain in ifnet & alloc ifnet from NUMA local memory

This commit adds new if_alloc_domain() and if_alloc_dev() methods to
allocate ifnets.  When called with a domain on a NUMA machine,
ifalloc_domain() will record the NUMA domain in the ifnet, and it will
allocate the ifnet struct from memory which is local to that NUMA
node.  Similarly, if_alloc_dev() is a wrapper for if_alloc_domain
which uses a driver supplied device_t to call ifalloc_domain() with
the appropriate domain.

Note that the new if_numa_domain field fits in an alignment pad in
struct ifnet, and so does not alter the size of the structure.

Reviewed by:    glebius, kib, markj
Sponsored by:   Netflix
Differential Revision:

FreeBSD/src 346578head/lib/libclang_rt Makefile

Build libclang_rt/profile on all clang-supported architectures

There's no reason why a special case needs to be added specifically for amd64,
arm, and i386, as the code is written in machine architecture agnostic C/C++.

This will make it possible for all supporting clang architectures to produce
runtime coverage with `--coverage`.

MFC after:      2 weeks
Reviewed by:    dim
Differential Revision:

FreeBSD/ports 499666head/editors/nano distinfo Makefile

- Update to 4.1

This release has fixes for many issues found in 4.0 including a possible crash

Reported by:    Benno Schulenberg
MFH:           2019Q2

FreeBSD/src 346577user/ngie fix-up-cxxstd

Prune branch, merged as r346574 and r346576