FreeBSD/ports 509291head/databases/postgis25 pkg-plist distinfo

- Update to 2.5.3
- Whitespace fix
- Fix incorrect substitutions and sorting in plist

PR:            239908
Submitted by:   amdmi3
Approved by:    lbartoletti at (maintainer)

FreeBSD/ports 509290head/devel/boost-docs pkg-plist distinfo, head/devel/boost-jam Makefile

devel/boost-*: update to 1.71.0

PR:            238827
Exp-run by:     antoine
Differential Revision:

FreeBSD/ports 509289head/ports-mgmt/portfmt Makefile distinfo

ports-mgmt/portfmt: Update to latest commit


FreeBSD/src 351218head/sys/arm/ti ti_sdhci.c

ti: sdhci: Correct voltage caps

ti,dual-volt property say that the eMMC support 1.8V and 3.3V not 3.0V
Use the correct caps for the mmc stack.
Note that the MMCHS_SD_CAPA register can only be written once after bootup
so if one is using a u-boot compiled with eMMC support (this is the default)
this code is a no-op but just in case someone have u-boot compiled without
eMMC support this make eMMC works when the kernel is booted.

MFC after:      1 week

FreeBSD/src 351217head/sys/arm/mv a37x0_gpio.c

arm64: a37x0_gpio: Use syscon instead of MMIO region

The fdt node for this driver is a simple-mfd and syscon compatible one
meaning that simplemfd will be the driver attached for it. The gpio driver
is attached to the 'gpio' subnode so use syscon_get_handle_default to
obtain the handle of the syscon from the parent device and use this
to read/write to the memory region.

MFC after:      1 week

FreeBSD/src 351216head/sbin/ping6 ping6.c

ping6: revert r350857

Some socket options require root privileges to set.  The old code did indeed
drop privileges at the earliest opportunity.

Submitted by:   Ján Sučan <sucanjan at>
MFC after:      Never
Sponsored by:   Google, Inc. (Google Summer of Code 2019)
Differential Revision:

FreeBSD/src 351215head/sys/kern vfs_mount.c

vfs: fix up r351193 ("stop always overwriting ->mnt_stat in VFS_STATFS")

fs-specific part of vfs_statfs routines only fill in small portion of the
structure. Previous code was always copying everything at a higher layer to
acoomodate it and this patch does the same.

'df' (no arguments) worked fine because the caller uses mnt_stat itself as the
target buffer, making all the copying a no-op for its own case.
'df /' and similar use a different consumer which passes its own buffer and
this is where you can run into trouble.

Reported by:    cy
Fixes: r351193
Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation

FreeBSD/ports 509288head/Mk

Mk/ Fix fetch with GL_TUPLE site:account:project:commit:group style entries

Something like


fails to fetch because GL_SITE_calculate still has the colon left after parsing:

=> Attempting to fetch
parse error

$ make -V GL_SITE_calculate

Changing the already complex regular expressions to correct this
would make them even more complex.  Instead we correct the :: that
appears in GL_SITE after parsing GL_TUPLE.

Approved by:    portmgr (mat)
Differential Revision:

FreeBSD/ports 509287head/devel/elixir-excoveralls distinfo Makefile

Update to 0.11.2.

FreeBSD/ports 509286head/devel/pecl-swoole distinfo Makefile

Update to 4.4.4.

FreeBSD/doc 53309head/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/porters-handbook/special chapter.xml

Porter's Handbook: Suggest using Poudriere in using-cargo section

Also improve section title.

Approved by:    mat
Differential Revision:

FreeBSD/ports 509285head/devel/php-composer distinfo Makefile

Update php-composer to 1.9.0

PR:            239948
Submitted by:   Naram Qashat <cyberbotx at> (maintainer)

FreeBSD/ports 509284head/sysutils/syslog-ng310 Makefile, head/sysutils/syslog-ng311 Makefile

Pass -no-daemon to gradle more directly.

PR:            239903
Submitted by:   tobik@
Reported by:    tobik@

FreeBSD/src 351214head/sys/kern uipc_socket.c

Use TAILQ_FOREACH_SAFE() macro to avoid use after free in soclose().

PR:            239893
MFC after:      1 week

FreeBSD/ports 509283branches 2019Q3, branches/2019Q3/net-im/py-slackclient Makefile distinfo

MFH: r509276 net-im/py-slackclient: Update to 2.1.0

aiodns is (was) actually an optional dependency. Add an ASYNCDNS option
for now until upstream work out a good name for it [1]


Note: Missing from changelog, but also fixed:


PR:            239462
Submitted by:   <wcarson.bugzilla>
Approved by:    ports-secteam (blanket: bugfix release)

FreeBSD/ports 509282head/Mk, head/Mk/Scripts

Add a QA check warning porters about non UCL pkg-message files.

Reviewed by:    adamw
Differential Revision:

FreeBSD/ports 509281head/Mk/Scripts

If pkg-message is not a UCL file, assume the message is "install" only.

Reviewed by:    adamw
Differential Revision:

FreeBSD/ports 509280head/dns/bind9-devel distinfo Makefile, head/dns/bind9-devel/files extrapatch-bind-tools

Update to latest commit.

FreeBSD/ports 509279head/lang/perl5-devel distinfo Makefile

Update to v5.31.2-112-gbefef3681f.

FreeBSD/ports 509278head/audio/musescore distinfo Makefile, head/devel/py-kitchen distinfo Makefile

Use USE_GITHUB properly.

Pointy hat:     adridg arved

FreeBSD/ports 509277head/devel/liblockfile pkg-plist, head/sysutils/frand pkg-plist

Some @comment $FreeBSD$ always creep back, for some reason.

Pointy hat:     pi rodrigo

FreeBSD/ports 509276head/net-im/py-slackclient Makefile distinfo

net-im/py-slackclient: Update to 2.1.0

aiodns is (was) actually an optional dependency. Add an ASYNCDNS option
for now until upstream work out a good name for it [1]


Note: Missing from changelog, but also fixed:


PR:            239462
Submitted by:   <wcarson.bugzilla>
MFH:           2019Q3 (blanket: bugfix release)

FreeBSD/ports 509275head/sysutils/syslog-ng310 Makefile, head/sysutils/syslog-ng311 Makefile

Revert r509253. The suggested solution does not work after all in

The JAVA and JAVA_MOD options may need BROKEN unless this can be resolved.

PR:            239903
Tested by:      tobik@

FreeBSD/ports 509274head/x11/xdm pkg-plist

x11/xdm: Fix pkg-plist when XDMSHELL option is enabled

The xdmshell man page was moved from section 1 to section 8, which wasn't
reflected in pkg-plist in ports r509218

PR:            239963
Reported by:    < gmx net>
Approved by:    zeising (x11, maintainer, via email)

FreeBSD/ports 509273head/lang/seed7 distinfo Makefile

lang/seed7: update to 05_20190818

- Interpreter and compiler have been improved to work correct, when
  a derived struct overrides an element of the parent struct. Many
  thanks go to Zachary Menzies, for reporting this error and for
  providing a test program.
- In the FAQ the explanation, why Seed7 uses UTF-32, has been improved.
  An explanation of the database abstraction layer, which provides an
  database independent API, has also been added to the FAQ.
- In the manual the chapter about the deprecated function
  removeAnyFile() has been replaced by a chapter about the function
- The program db7.sd7 (Database Inspector) has been improved quote a
  table name from the catalog when doing a select.
- The program sql7.sd7 has been improved to allow the execution of SQL
  statements from a file. The function getSqlStatement has been added,
  which reads a semicolon terminated SQL statement from a file.
- The library tar.s7i has been improved to accept extended headers with
  meta data (PAX format) also when a tar file is opened as file system
  with openTar(). The function readMinimumOfHead has been improved to
  do this.
- A code page for JIS X 0201 encoding has been added to charsets.s7i.
- The program err.sd7 has been improved to contain test cases, where
  UTF-16 surrogate characters and non Unicode characters are written as

    [27 lines not shown]

FreeBSD/src 351213head/sys/kern subr_trap.c

assert that td_lk_slocks is not leaked upon return from kernel

This is similar to checks for td_sx_slocks and td_rw_rlocks.
Although td_lk_slocks is an implementation detail, it still makes sense
to validate it.

MFC after:      1 week
Sponsored by:   Panzura

FreeBSD/ports 509272branches 2019Q3, branches/2019Q3/audio/musicpd distinfo Makefile

MFH: r509271

Update to upstream release 0.21.13

- Bugfix release, see
- Includes a fix for spurious crackling sound with the MAD plugin

While on it:
- Merge UCL / pkg-message cleanup into quarterly branch

Approved by:    ports-secteam (riggs)

FreeBSD/ports 509271head/audio/musicpd distinfo Makefile

Update to upstream release 0.21.13

- Bugfix release, see
- Includes a fix for spurious crackling sound with the MAD plugin

MFH:           2019Q3 (hat: ports-secteam)

FreeBSD/src 351212head/tests/sys/netpfil/common, head/tests/sys/netpfil/pf

netpfil tests: Move and to the common test directory

The and tool is moved from tests/sys/netpfil/pf to
tests/sys/netpfil/common directory because these tools are to be used in
common for all the firewalls.

Submitted by:   Ahsan Barkati
Reviewed by:    kp, thj
Sponsored by:   Google, Inc. (GSoC 2019)
Differential Revision:

FreeBSD/ports 509270head/www Makefile

Connect www/wt3 to the build.

Reported by:    antoine
+1-01 files

FreeBSD/ports 509269head/science/py-OpenFermion Makefile distinfo

science/py-OpenFermion: Update 0.9.0 -> 0.10.0

Reported by:    portscout

FreeBSD/ports 509268head/Mk, head/Mk/Uses

Unregister removed samba46 and samba47

FreeBSD/ports 509267head MOVED, head/net Makefile samba46

Remove expired ports:
2019-08-19 net/samba46: yes
2019-08-19 net/samba47: yes

FreeBSD/doc 53308head/share/pgpkeys riggs.key

Updating my GPG key prior to expiry

FreeBSD/ports 509266head/graphics/fraqtive Makefile distinfo

Remove BROKEN from graphics/fraqtive.

The sources have moved to github. Not taking maintainership, though.
Builds fine against current Qt 5.12, with SSE also fills a WQHD
screen almost instantly, so it's fine.

FreeBSD/ports 509265branches 2019Q3, branches/2019Q3/www/wt pkg-plist Makefile

MFH: r509235

Fix and update www/wt to version 4.1.0.

Minor corrections from me.

PR:            226160
Submitted by:   maintainer

Approved by:    ports-secteam (joneum)

FreeBSD/src 351211head/tests/sys/kern pdeathsig.c

sys.kern.pdeathsig.signal_delivered_ptrace: fix startup.

Inform D that C executed procctl(PROC_PDEATHSIG_CTL).  Otherwise D
might allow B to exit before C is set up to receive a signal on the
parent exit.  In this case, C waits forever for the signal and test

PR:     237657
Reported and tested by: lwhsu
Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation
MFC after:      1 week

FreeBSD/src 351210head/tests/sys/kern pdeathsig.c

sys.kern.pdeathsig.signal_delivered_ptrace: fix debugger detach

ptrace(PT_DETACH) requires stopped debuggee, otherwise it fails.  When
the call fails, the C process is left as debuggee of the process D,
and might be killed too early if process D exits occurs fast enough.

Since pipes are not closed in the forked children, this resulted in
the test hanging, since no write occured from C to wake A.

PR:     237657
Reported and tested by: lwhsu
Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation
MFC after:      1 week

FreeBSD/ports 509264head/devel/py-qutip Makefile distinfo

devel/py-qutip: Update 4.4.0 -> 4.4.1

Reported by:    portscout

FreeBSD/ports 509263head/devel/commit-patch Makefile pkg-descr

- Update WWW

Approved by:    portmgr blanket

FreeBSD/ports 509262head/textproc/re-flex distinfo Makefile

FreeBSD/ports 509261head/math/SoPlex Makefile

math/SoPlex: License permissions update

PR:            231230
Submitted by:   Lorenzo Salvadore <phascolarctos at>

FreeBSD/ports 509260head/biology/checkm distinfo Makefile

biology/checkm: Update 1.0.17 -> 1.0.18

Reported by:    portscout

FreeBSD/ports 509259head/security/py-ntlm-auth distinfo Makefile

security/py-ntlm-auth: Update 1.3.0 -> 1.4.0

Reported by:    portscout

FreeBSD/ports 509258head/science/jmol distinfo Makefile

science/jmol: Update 14.29.50 -> 14.29.51

Reported by:    portscout

FreeBSD/ports 509257head/net/ceph13 Makefile pkg-plist, head/net/ceph13/files patch-CMakeLists.txt

net/ceph13: upgrade 13.2.1 -> 13.2.6

PR:            239958
Submitted by:   Willem Jan Withagen <wjw at> (maintainer)

FreeBSD/src 351209stable 11, stable/11/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/cmd/zfs zfs_iter.c

MFC r350893: Allow ZVOL bookmarks to be listed recursively

PR:            197821

FreeBSD/src 351208stable 12, stable/12/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/cmd/zfs zfs_iter.c

MFC r350893: Allow ZVOL bookmarks to be listed recursively

PR:            197821

FreeBSD/src 351207stable 11, stable/11/share/man/man8 rc.8

MFC r350701,r350702: rc.8: add a reference to service(8)

FreeBSD/src 351206stable 12, stable/12/share/man/man8 rc.8

MFC r350701,r350702: rc.8: add a reference to service(8)