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FreeBSD Ports — head/sysutils/rsyslog8 Makefile

Add a JSONPARSE option to enable building the mmjsonparse module:


PR:                218217
Submitted by:        rum1cro at yandex.ru
Delta File
+7 -3 head/sysutils/rsyslog8/Makefile
+7 -3 1 file

FreeBSD Ports — branches/2017Q1/databases/phpmyadmin Makefile distinfo

MFH: r437214

Security Update to 4.7.0

As well as being the first stable release from the 4.7 branch, this
includes fixes for PMASA-2017-8 where it can be possible to bypass a
configuration restriction forbidding password-less accounts.  This
depends on the upstream PHP version -- sites using php-7 are not
vulnerable, sites using php-5.6 are.

ChangeLog:        https://www.phpmyadmin.net/files/4.7.0/

Security:        68611303-149e-11e7-b9bb-6805ca0b3d42

Approved by:        ports-secteam (junovitch)

FreeBSD Ports — head/devel/pecl-event distinfo Makefile

Update to 2.3.0.

PR:                218202
Submitted by:        maintainer

FreeBSD Ports — head/sysutils/immortal distinfo Makefile

Update to 0.10.5.

PR:                218219
Submitted by:        maintainer

FreeBSD Ports — head/www/node distinfo Makefile

Update to 7.8.0.

PR:                218209
Submitted by:        maintainer

FreeBSD Ports — head/devel/libclc pkg-plist Makefile

Update devel/libclc to a later git tag. It now requires devel/llvm40 and brings support 
for logb and expm1. License changes to BSD3 and MIT (dual).

Reviewed by:        swills (mentor), rene (mentor), kwm (x11)
Approved by:        swills (mentor)
Differential Revision:        https://reviews.freebsd.org/D9394

FreeBSD Ports — head/net/py-pysendfile Makefile

- Strip sendfile.so

PR:                217373
Submitted by:        Danilo G. Baio (dbaio) <dbaio at bsd.com.br>
Approved by:        koobs (maintainer)
Delta File
+5 -0 head/net/py-pysendfile/Makefile
+5 -0 1 file

FreeBSD Ports — head/security/vuxml vuln.xml

Document Xen Security Advisory (XSA 206)

CVE lists none (yet) assigned

While here, fix a typo on my last Xen entry

Delta File
+28 -1 head/security/vuxml/vuln.xml
+28 -1 1 file

FreeBSD Ports — branches/2017Q1/net/hostapd/files patch-src-l2_packet-l2_packet_freebsd.c

MFH: r437179

Fix build broken by r436625.

PR:                218036
Approved by:        ports-secteam (with hat)

FreeBSD Ports — head/security/vuxml vuln.xml

Actually, let's refer to the original entries for these hostapd CVEs

Reflect CVE-2016-4476 / VID 967b852b-1e28-11e6-8dd3-002590263bf5 in cancelled

CVE-2015-5314 is in VID 976567f6-05c5-11e6-94fa-002590263bf5

PR:                217906
Delta File
+1 -28 head/security/vuxml/vuln.xml
+1 -28 1 file

FreeBSD Ports — head MOVED, head/devel Makefile py3-meson

devel/py3-meson: delete due to duplicating devel/meson
Delta File
+1 -0 head/MOVED
+0 -1 head/devel/Makefile
+0 -0 head/devel/py3-meson/
+1 -1 3 files

FreeBSD Ports — head/sysutils/cfengine Makefile, head/sysutils/cfengine-masterfiles Makefile

Update cfengine310 and cfengine-masterfiles310 3.10.0 --> 3.10.1.

cfengine310 and cfengine-masterfiles310 are now the default
cfengine and cfengine-masterfiles ports.

FreeBSD Ports — head/www/rubygem-uglifier distinfo Makefile

FreeBSD Ports — head/graphics/rubygem-mini_magick distinfo Makefile

FreeBSD Ports — head/devel/rubygem-foreman distinfo Makefile

FreeBSD Ports — head/devel/rubygem-aws-sdk distinfo Makefile

FreeBSD Ports — head/devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-resources distinfo Makefile

FreeBSD Ports — head/devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-core distinfo Makefile

FreeBSD Ports — head/devel/py-funcsigs Makefile

Allow concurrent installation (USE_PYTHON=concurrent)

- Do not silence test messages
Delta File
+3 -3 head/devel/py-funcsigs/Makefile
+3 -3 1 file

FreeBSD Ports — head/www/p5-HTML-Declare distinfo Makefile

Update to 2.6


Changes:        http://search.cpan.org/dist/HTML-Declare/Changes

FreeBSD Ports — head/devel/p5-Function-Parameters distinfo Makefile

FreeBSD Ports — head/editors/kile-kde4 Makefile

Take maintainership of editors/kile.

Approved by:        rakuco (mentor)
Delta File
+1 -1 head/editors/kile-kde4/Makefile
+1 -1 1 file

FreeBSD Ports — head/archivers/rpm4 pkg-plist Makefile, head/archivers/rpm4/files patch-misc_fts.c patch-lib_cpio.c

Upgrade to and take maintainership
Remove unncecesary patches and fix plist

FreeBSD Ports — head/science/py-DendroPy pkg-plist distinfo

Update to 4.2.0

FreeBSD Ports — head/net/py-eventlet Makefile files, head/net/py-eventlet/files patch-eventlet_support_greendns.py

Fix attribute error

PR:                217867
Submitted by:        Alexander Nusov <alexander.nusov at nfvexpress.com>
Delta File
+27 -0 head/net/py-eventlet/files/patch-eventlet_support_greendns.py
+1 -0 head/net/py-eventlet/Makefile
+0 -0 head/net/py-eventlet/files/
+28 -0 3 files

FreeBSD Ports — head/sysutils/vagrant pkg-plist Makefile, head/sysutils/vagrant/files patch-gemspec

sysutils/vagrant: update to 1.9.2

PR:                217944
Submitted by:        Yonas Yanfa <yonas at fizk.net> (with changes)
Approved by:        joe at thrallingpenguin.com (maintainer)

FreeBSD Ports — head/sysutils Makefile rubygem-winrm-elevated, head/sysutils/rubygem-winrm-elevated Makefile pkg-descr

sysutils/rubygem-winrm-elevated: create port

Ruby library for running commands via WinRM as elevated through a scheduled

WWW: https://github.com/WinRb/winrm-elevated

PR:                217944

FreeBSD Ports — head/sysutils/rubygem-winrm distinfo Makefile

sysutils/rubygem-winrm: update to 2.1.3

PR:                217944
Approved by:        joe at thrallingpenguin.com (maintainer)

FreeBSD Ports — head/sysutils/rubygem-winrm-fs distinfo Makefile

sysutils/rubygem-winrm-fs: update to 1.0.1

PR:                217944

FreeBSD Ports — branches/2017Q1/devel/go-tools pkg-plist Makefile

MFH: r437234

- Update to 20170328
- Unbreak by fixing dependencies

PR:                216550

Approved by:        ports-secteam (blanket)

FreeBSD Ports — head/textproc/po4a pkg-plist Makefile, head/textproc/po4a/files patch-Po4aBuilder.pm

Update textproc/po4a to 0.51

FreeBSD Ports — head/x11-wm/enlightenment Makefile distinfo

Update to 0.21.7

PR:                218031
Submitted by:        Jochen Neumeister (joneum <at> bsdproject <dot> de)

FreeBSD Ports — head/devel/go-tools pkg-plist Makefile

- Update to 20170328
- Unbreak by fixing dependencies

PR:                216550
MFH:                2017Q1

FreeBSD Ports — head/Tools/scripts mark_safe.pl notconnected, head/ports-mgmt/freebsd-bugzilla-cli Makefile

Reset pgollucci@ as maintainer after 19 months of inactivity

With hat:        portmgr-secretary

FreeBSD Ports — head/textproc/consul-template Makefile distinfo

textproc/consul-template: update to 0.18.2

FreeBSD Ports — head/sysutils/consul distinfo Makefile

sysutils/consul: update to 0.7.5

FreeBSD Ports — svnadmin/conf access

Take in pgollucci's commit bit after 19 months of inactivity

With hat:        portmgr-secretary
Delta File
+0 -1 svnadmin/conf/access
+0 -1 1 file

FreeBSD Ports — head/emulators/qemu-cheri Makefile distinfo, head/emulators/qemu-cheri128 Makefile

Update to a fresh snapshot.

Rework to depend on emulators/qemu for any ancillary files rather than
installing a conflicting set.[0]

Disable more automatically detected bits so dependencies are correct
when built manually.

Requested by:        jhb[0]
Sponsored by:        DARPA, AFRL

FreeBSD Ports — head/x11/libxcb Makefile

Revert previous; in this one case there is a runtime dependency on
pthread-stubs.pc because it is referenced in xcb.pc, which would be
better handled as part of USE_XORG=xcb, but a quick fix is required.

PR:                218015
Approved by:        feld (mentor)
Delta File
+2 -1 head/x11/libxcb/Makefile
+2 -1 1 file

FreeBSD Ports — head/www/py-django-otp distinfo Makefile

Update to 0.3.11

FreeBSD Ports — head MOVED, head/databases Makefile py-sqlalchemy08

Remove (almost) expired port:
2017-04-01 databases/py-sqlalchemy08: Upstream has declared this version EoL: please 
migrate to databases/py-sqlalchemy10
Delta File
+1 -0 head/MOVED
+0 -1 head/databases/Makefile
+0 -0 head/databases/py-sqlalchemy08/
+1 -1 3 files

FreeBSD Ports — head/www Makefile tomcat85, head/www/tomcat85 pkg-plist Makefile

Add Apache Tomcat 8.5 port

Apache Tomcat version 8.5 implements the Servlet 3.1, JavaServer Pages 2.3,
Java Unified Expression Language 3.0 and Java WebSocket 1.1 specifications
from the Java Community Process, and includes many additional features that
make it a useful platform for developing and deploying web applications and
web services. Tomcat 8.5 is aligned with Java EE 7.

PR:                215290
Submitted by:        vvd at unislabs.com
Approved by:        swills (mentor)
Differential Revision:        https://reviews.freebsd.org/D10127

FreeBSD Ports — head/Mk/Uses kde.mk, head/sysutils/ksysguardd Makefile

Update to 4.11.22, the last release from KDE.org

Drop obsolete patches, add one to fix build, and rename a few patches.

Reviewed by:        rakuco, tcberner, mat
Approved by:        swills (mentor)
Differential Revision:        https://reviews.freebsd.org/D10148

FreeBSD Ports — head/devel Makefile py3-meson, head/devel/py3-meson Makefile pkg-descr

devel/py3-meson: create port

Meson is a cross-platform build system designed to be both as fast and as user
friendly as possible. It supports many languages and compilers, including GCC,
Clang and Visual Studio. Its build definitions are written in a simple
non-turing complete DSL.

WWW: http://mesonbuild.com/
Delta File
+18 -0 head/devel/py3-meson/Makefile
+6 -0 head/devel/py3-meson/pkg-descr
+3 -0 head/devel/py3-meson/distinfo
+1 -0 head/devel/Makefile
+0 -0 head/devel/py3-meson/
+28 -0 5 files

FreeBSD Ports — head MOVED, head/converters/ytnef Makefile pkg-plist

- Update converters/ytnef to version 1.9.2, now hosted on GitHub
- Add PORTEPOCH, version is going backwards due to using versioning
  scheme of library distribution
- Remove devel/libytnef port, both packages are now developed in one repo

FreeBSD Ports — head/net-mgmt Makefile semaphore, head/net-mgmt/semaphore Makefile distinfo

net-mgmt/semaphore: create port

Open Source alternative to Ansible Tower

WWW: https://ansible-semaphore.github.io/semaphore/