NetBSD/pkgsrc yfpLlD1audio/ladspa PLIST Makefile, audio/ladspa/patches patch-aa patch-ab

   ladspa: various portability improvements from clément bouvier

   * Add libtool support in install and build targets
   * Add libtool support to test target
   * Add endian.h header for macosx

   closes PR pkg/54368

NetBSD/pkgsrc Kqw9yjQgraphics Makefile

+1-21 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc xPZHwjrdoc CHANGES-2019

   doc: Removed graphics/exiv2-organize
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc h1yxosrdoc CHANGES-2019

   doc: Updated graphics/gexiv2 to 0.12.0
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc Q9QsAOMdoc CHANGES-2019 TODO

   doc: Updated graphics/exiv2 to 0.27.1
+3-32 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc TcFDZkBgraphics/exiv2 PLIST Makefile, graphics/exiv2/patches patch-src_convert.cpp

   exiv2: Update to 0.72.1

   pkgsrc notes:

   upstream has changed their build system to cmake (and meson in the
   case of gexiv2)

   unfortunately the build system for exiv2-organize has rotted so it
   has to be removed for now.

   tested on various netbsd versions with gimp, I am expecting breakage,
   sorry in advance.

   Changes from version 0.27 to 0.27.1

   Closed (40)

   Changes from version 0.26 to 0.27

    [215 lines not shown]

NetBSD/pkgsrc fteFhoGmultimedia/libva-utils Makefile PLIST

   Fix build.

NetBSD/src b0IJleTsys/sys proc.h

   Move a comment line get it next to the line it describes, avoiding
   intervening unrelated text.

+2-21 files

NetBSD/src an559asusr.sbin/sysinst bsddisklabel.c

   Don't overwrite the filesystem type unconditionally with the FFSv1 or v2
   setup for an architectures default - now we have /tmp on tmpfs back.
+7-41 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc L8S8vEYaudio/cmus Makefile

   cmus: ... CFLAGS, not CXXFLAGS. This is written in C.
+2-21 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc 1qzCjROaudio/cmus Makefile

   cmus: Needs 64-bit atomic ops - build with -march=i586 on i386.
+6-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc 9IaomKXaudio/audacity Makefile

   audacity: Needs 64-bit atomic ops - build with -march=i586 on i386.

   PR pkg/54353
+6-21 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc GyuMkjhsecurity/botan-devel

   botan-devel: bump buildlink dependency version.
+3-31 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc pkzhUHidoc CHANGES-2019

   doc: Updated security/botan-devel to 2.11.0
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc hcLOzYzsecurity/botan-devel PLIST distinfo, security/botan-devel/patches patch-src_lib_utils_os__utils.cpp patch-src_build-data_os_openbsd.txt

   Update botan-devel to 2.11.0.

   There are too many changes to put them in this message.

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 6fd5a69. Makefile

Add pinebook SCP, u-boot, ATF to Makefile.
+3-01 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 2f0b1cearm-trusted-firmware-sun50i_a64-crust, crust-firmware

crust-firmware: amend paths after wip change.

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 293120earm-trusted-firmware-sun50i_a64-crust Makefile, crust-firmware Makefile

Add SCP, u-boot and ATF for crust firmware.

This is an open source firmware running on the or1k coprocessor of
Allwinner boards.

The patches to u-boot originate from:

Applied to anarsoul's fork of u-boot for pinebook.

NetBSD/src nFGKBQmusr.sbin/sysinst partman.c

   Fix partition size display
+3-21 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc WFmZc2qaudio/mixxx Makefile

   ... remember what CHECK_INTERPRETER_SKIP is relative to
+2-21 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc sm1iaejaudio/mixxx Makefile

   mixxx: Avoid a hard dependency on nodejs for optional controllers
+4-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc 4Ry7EMUsysutils/xenkernel411 Makefile, sysutils/xenkernel46 Makefile

   Use https for

NetBSD/pkgsrc GmsPX8Jwww/ruby-sass Makefile, www/ruby-sass34 Makefile

   Use https for

NetBSD/pkgsrc WtY3WBQmail/qmail INSTALL

   qmail's queue is expected to work just fine on a case-insensitive FS.
   Remove the INSTALL check and warning.
+1-261 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc Pxolurmmk, mk/compiler

   Do not pass -std=c++03 to GCC 4.4

   No objection on tech-pkg@.
+20-73 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc wVPcWRQdoc CHANGES-2019

   doc: Updated devel/py-meson to 0.51.1nb1
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc v2r6rsZdevel/py-meson Makefile distinfo, devel/py-meson/patches

   Apply patches from /usr/pkg/lib/python3.7/site-packages/mesonbuild/
   to fix e.g.

     File "/usr/pkg/lib/python3.7/site-packages/mesonbuild/dependencies/", line 
1966, in from_entry
       return ExternalProgram(name, command=command, silent=True)
     File "/usr/pkg/lib/python3.7/site-packages/mesonbuild/dependencies/", line 
1929, in __init__
       self.path = self.command[-1]
   IndexError: list index out of range
   *** Error code 2

   make[1]: stopped in /usr/pkgsrc/devel/at-spi2-atk
   *** Error code 1

NetBSD/pkgsrc RfCZKDMdoc CHANGES-2019

   doc: Updated audio/libwildmidi to 0.4.3
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc 1gTFQeUaudio/libwildmidi distinfo Makefile

   libwildmidi: Update to 0.4.3

   What's new in 0.4.3:

   - New API addition: WildMidi_InitVIO(). It is like WildMidi_Init(),
   - but tells the library to use caller-provided functions for file IO.
   - See wildmidi_lib.h or the man page WildMidi_InitVIO(3) for details.
   - This was suggested and implemented by Christian Breitwieser.
   - Fixed Visual Studio optimized builds (bug #192, function ptr issue.)
   - Fixed a thinko in one of the buffer size checks added in v0.4.2.
   - Fixed possible out of bounds reads in sysex commands (bug #190).
   - Fixed invalid reads during config parse with short patch file names.
   - Do not treat a missing end-of-track marker as an error for type-0
   - midi files (bug #183).
   - Fixed bad reading of high delta values in XMI converter (bug #199).
   - Fixed a memory leak when freeing a midi (bug #204).
   - Fixed slurred/echoy playback at quick tempos on looped instruments
   - (bug #185).
   - Fixed certain midis sounding different compared to timidity, as if
   - instruments not turned off (bug #186).
   - Fixed compilation on systems without libm.
   - Support for RISC OS, Nintendo Switch and PS Vita.
   - Several clean-ups.

   What's new in 0.4.2:

    [24 lines not shown]

NetBSD/pkgsrc y4aJShvdoc CHANGES-2019

   Updated www/apache-tomcat9 to 9.0.22
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc Z9IlPyDwww/apache-tomcat9 distinfo Makefile

   Update to 9.0.22

   Tomcat 9.0.22 (markt)

       Fix: Improve parsing of Range request headers. (markt)
       Fix: Range headers that specify a range unit Tomcat does not recognise should be 
ignored rather than triggering a 416 response. Based on a pull request by zhanhb. (markt)
       Fix: When comparing a date from a If-Range header, an exact match is required. 
Based on a pull request by zhanhb. (markt)
       Fix: Add an option to the default servlet to disable processing of PUT requests 
with Content-Range headers as partial PUTs. The default behaviour (processing as partial 
PUT) is unchanged. Based on a pull request by zhanhb. (markt)
       Fix: Improve parsing of Content-Range headers. (markt)
       Update: Update the recommended minimum Tomcat Native version to 1.2.23. (markt)


       Fix: Remove a source of potential deadlocks when using HTTP/2 when the Connector is 
configured with useAsyncIO as true. (markt)
       Fix: 63523: Restore SSLUtilBase methods as protected to preserve compatibility. 
       Fix: Fix typo in UTF-32LE charset name. Patch by zhanhb vi Github. (fschumacher)
       Fix: Once a URI is identified as invalid don't attempt to process it further. Based 

    [325 lines not shown]

NetBSD/pkgsrc smWBzurdoc CHANGES-2019

   Updated www/apache-tomcat85 to 8.5.43
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc jm55DHtwww/apache-tomcat85 PLIST distinfo

   Update to 8.5.43

   Tomcat 8.5.43 (markt)

       Update: Modify the Default and WebDAV Servlets so that a 405 status code is 
returned for PUT and DELETE requests when disabled via the readonly initialisation 
       Fix: Align the contents of the Allow header with the response code for the Default 
and WebDAV Servlets. For any given resource a method that returns a 405 status code will 
not be listed in the Allow header and a method listed in the Allow header will not return 
a 405 status code. (markt)
       Fix: When using WebDAV to copy a file resource to a destination that requires a 
collection to be overwritten, ensure that the operation succeeds rather than fails (with a 
500 response). This enables Tomcat to pass two additional tests from the Litmus WebDAV 
test suite. (markt)
       Fix: 49464: Improve the Default Servlet's handling of static files when the file 
encoding is not compatible with the required response encoding. (markt)
       Fix: Fix typo in UTF-32LE charset name. Patch by zhanhb vi Github. (fschumacher)
       Add: 58590: Add the ability for a UserDatabase to monitor the backing XML file for 
changes and reload the source file if a change in the last modified time is detected. This 
is enabled by default meaning that changes to $CATALINA_BASE/conf/tomcat-users.xml will 
now take effect a short time after the file is saved. (markt)
       Fix: Improve parsing of Range request headers. (markt)

    [220 lines not shown]

NetBSD/pkgsrc G9zNUayarchivers/unzip Makefile distinfo, archivers/unzip/patches patch-list.c

   unzip: Apply a patch from CVE-2018-18384

   from infozip's sourceforge / debian.

NetBSD/pkgsrc Oka7SMYdoc CHANGES-2019 TODO

   doc: Updated audio/musicpd to 0.21.11
+3-32 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc TxxbKaLaudio/musicpd Makefile, audio/musicpd/files mpd.conf

   musicpd: Update to 0.21.11

   changes in pkgsrc:

   * switch from libmad to libmpg123 for mp3 decoding.
     it's more actively maintained.
   * switch from libaudiofile to libsndfile for lossless formats.
     it's more actively maintained.
   * add more options, and try to clarify existing options to
     make it obvious what is being enabled.
   * enable ffmpeg by default so playing m4a files works
   * fix cdparanoia support

   ver 0.21.11 (2019/07/03)
   * input
     - tidal: deprecated because Tidal has changed the protocol
   * decoder
     - wildmidi: log error if library initialization fails
   * output
     - alsa: fix busy loop while draining
     - alsa: fix missing drain call
     - alsa: improve xrun-avoiding silence generator
     - alsa: log when generating silence due to slow decoder
     - alsa, osx: fix distortions with DSD_U32 and DoP on 32 bit CPUs
   * protocol
     - fix "list" with multiple "group" levels

NetBSD/pkgsrc WYfTUIMdevel/SDL Makefile

   SDL: sync options with SDL2

   as discussed at pkgsrccon, this was pretty much the only thing still using
   or supporting esound. the esound website doesn't even exist any more. NAS
   might still be useful, but maybe only if you're using IRIX or something

   i'm especially worried about libaudiofile and spidermonkey52 being pulled
   in by esound and pulseaudio respectively - the maintainance status of these
   libraries is very unclear and their security record is quite problematic.

   - Linux gets ALSA.
   - explicitly disable support for PlayStation video outputs
     if you get pkgsrc to work on the PlayStation OS please submit a talk
   - add pkg-config to USE_TOOLS, it seems to be used in some circumstances.
+16-62 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 7827e41py-yapf PLIST distinfo

wip/py-yapf: Update to 0.28.1

Changes: Lots, too many to list here; see CHANGELOG.

NetBSD/pkgsrc xY3mNCCdoc CHANGES-2019

   doc: Updated devel/ocaml-ppx_deriving to 4.4
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc cG8L33cdevel/ocaml-ppx_deriving PLIST distinfo, devel/ocaml-ppx_deriving/patches patch-Makefile

   Updated devel/ocaml-ppx_deriving to version 4.4.

   This adds support for dune and OCaml 4.08, and has some other minor
   improvements and bugfixes as well.

NetBSD/pkgsrc PzNKbgFdoc CHANGES-2019

   Updated security/py-acme, security/py-certbot
+16-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc kAWaBzwsecurity/py-certbot PLIST distinfo, security/py-certbot-apache PLIST distinfo

   py-certbot: updated to 0.36.0


   Turn off session tickets for nginx plugin by default
   Added missing error types from RFC8555 to acme

   Support for Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty has been removed.
   Update the 'manage your account' help to be more generic.
   The error message when Certbot's Apache plugin is unable to modify your Apache 
configuration has been improved.
   Certbot's config_changes subcommand has been deprecated and will be removed in a future 
   certbot config_changes no longer accepts a --num parameter.
   The functions certbot.plugins.common.Installer.view_config_changes and 
certbot.reverter.Reverter.view_config_changes have been deprecated and will be removed in 
a future release.

   Replace some unnecessary platform-specific line separation.

NetBSD/src GeMYuhQsys/arch/aarch64/aarch64 locore.S

   Fix a comment
+3-31 files

NetBSD/src KDcySx5sys/arch/aarch64/aarch64 locore.S

   Restore the comment against the line changed in the last commit
+3-31 files

NetBSD/src sKzGP17sys/arch/aarch64/aarch64 locore.S

   Pass the VA of start (and not VM_MIN_KERNEL_ADDRESS) when mapping the
   kernel at its KVA address.  Previously the last 64 bytes of the .bss might
   not be mapped if _end was within 64 bytes of a L2_SIZE boundary
+3-31 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc SslU706devel Makefile

   Added ocaml-ppxfind to Makefile SUBDIRs
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc iew2t6sdoc CHANGES-2019

   doc: Added devel/ocaml-ppxfind version 1.3
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc ZZcWZsJdevel/ocaml-ppxfind Makefile

   Added devel/ocaml-ppxfind, an ocamlfind tool for ppx

   Needed as a dependency for a new version of devel/ocaml-ppx_deriving.

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 333a5e9fltk13 PLIST

fltk13: Use sorting of PLIST created by pkglint
+1-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc GWHXwdbmk

   Changes to mk/, commentary and bugfix

   Install bytecode files unstripped.
+5-21 files