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NetBSD — distrib/sets/lists/modules mi

Update sets lists for new COMPAT_50 module
Delta File
+3 -1 distrib/sets/lists/modules/mi
+3 -1 1 file

NetBSD — sys/compat/common compat_50_mod.c compat_mod.c, sys/modules Makefile

Initial pass at a COMPAT_50 module.  More to come.

NetBSD — sys/compat/common ccd_60.c

Stub-out the compat ioctl routine for now to fix compile error on
kernels with no ccd device.
Delta File
+8 -4 sys/compat/common/ccd_60.c
+8 -4 1 file

NetBSD — sys/arch/vax/boot/boot Makefile

gcc 5.5 has no problem with -O2 on boot.
Delta File
+1 -3 sys/arch/vax/boot/boot/Makefile
+1 -3 1 file

NetBSD — sys/arch/evbarm/conf files.imx31 files.evbarm

move "defparam opt_machdep.h BOOT_ARGS" to files.evbarm from various places

NetBSD — doc CHANGES-7.0.3

Ticket #1118
Delta File
+9 -1 doc/CHANGES-7.0.3
+9 -1 1 file

NetBSD — sys/arch/x86/include cpu.h cpuvar.h, sys/arch/x86/x86 cpu.c identcpu.c

Pull up following revision(s) (requested by msaitoh in ticket #1118):
        sys/arch/x86/include/cpuvar.h: revision 1.47
        sys/arch/x86/x86/cpu.c: revision 1.117
        sys/arch/x86/x86/identcpu.c: revision 1.49
        sys/arch/x86/include/cpu.h: revision 1.67

Retrieve cpuid7 (Structured Extended Features) into ci_feat_val.

NetBSD — sys/net rtsock.c

rtsock: log dropped messages that we cannot report to userland
Delta File
+3 -2 sys/net/rtsock.c
+3 -2 1 file

NetBSD — sys/kern uipc_socket.c

socket: remove now incorrect comment that so_error is only udp

As it can be affected by route(4) sockets which are raw.
Delta File
+4 -4 sys/kern/uipc_socket.c
+4 -4 1 file

NetBSD — sys/kern uipc_socket.c

socket: clear error even when peeking

The error has already been reported and it's pointless requiring another
recv(2) call just to clear it.
Delta File
+3 -4 sys/kern/uipc_socket.c
+3 -4 1 file

NetBSD — lib/libc/sys recv.2, sys/kern uipc_socket2.c uipc_usrreq.c

socket: report receive buffer overflows

Add soroverflow() which increments the overflow counter, sets so_error
to ENOBUFS and wakes the receive socket up.
Replace all code that manually increments this counter with soroverflow().
Add soroverflow() to raw_input().

This allows userland to detect route(4) overflows so it can re-sync
with the current state.

NetBSD — sys/arch/arm/sunxi sunxi_ccu_div.c

Make sunxi_ccu_div_set_rate() work on non-SUNXI_CCU_DIV_TIMES_TWO
Delta File
+13 -6 sys/arch/arm/sunxi/sunxi_ccu_div.c
+13 -6 1 file

NetBSD — sys/arch/arm/sunxi sun4i_a10_ccu.c sunxi_ccu_fractional.c

Add some more A10/A20 clocks definitions; related to display engines.
The video PLLs requires a new clock type, SUNXI_CCU_FRACTIONAL

NetBSD — sys/arch/vax/boot/boot devopen.c ra.c

Use a common routine ubmap() that setup the map registers as needed,
not expecting everything to be below 4M.  This solves the problem
that large kernels cannot be loaded reported on port-vax.

NetBSD — sys/arch/vax/boot/common srt0.S

Do not use movc3 to copy boot program, it may be larger than 64k.
Delta File
+4 -2 sys/arch/vax/boot/common/srt0.S
+4 -2 1 file

NetBSD — sys/compat/common ccd_60.c

XXX stub it completely for now to make it compile
Delta File
+4 -3 sys/compat/common/ccd_60.c
+4 -3 1 file

NetBSD — sys/compat/common ccd_60.c

XXX: don't reference the global for now so that kernels without ccd build.
Delta File
+5 -4 sys/compat/common/ccd_60.c
+5 -4 1 file

NetBSD — sys/arch/alpha/alpha vm_machdep.c

Nowadays we can create new kernel threads late after boot, so if we are
unable to find physically continous pages for their uarea, just allocate
them via uvm_km_alloc(), that is: make cpu_uarea_alloc() fail instead
of panic. cpu_uarea_free() already deals with this.

Should fix PR port-alpha/53077.

Discussed with maxv and mrg.
Delta File
+4 -7 sys/arch/alpha/alpha/vm_machdep.c
+4 -7 1 file

NetBSD — sbin/gpt gpt.8 unset.c

Check device parameter to avoid segfaults. Agument synopsis for -l option.
Delta File
+10 -1 sbin/gpt/gpt.8
+6 -5 sbin/gpt/unset.c
+5 -5 sbin/gpt/set.c
+5 -5 sbin/gpt/type.c
+5 -2 sbin/gpt/main.c
+1 -0 sbin/gpt/gpt.h
+32 -18 6 files

NetBSD — sys/arch/arm/sunxi sunxi_mmc.c

sunxi: mmc: increase max number of descriptors available for DMA transfers

patch from jmcneill@
Delta File
+6 -5 sys/arch/arm/sunxi/sunxi_mmc.c
+6 -5 1 file

NetBSD — share/man/man4 ddb.4, sys/ddb db_command.c

ddb: rename "show lockstat" to "show lockstats" to avoid conflicting with lockstat(8)

Requested by mrg@

NetBSD — sys/netinet6 nd6_nbr.c

Pull out a sleepable function (in6_selectsrc) from a pserialize read section
Delta File
+7 -5 sys/netinet6/nd6_nbr.c
+7 -5 1 file

NetBSD — sys/dev/pci if_de.c

s/been been/been/ in comment.
Delta File
+3 -3 sys/dev/pci/if_de.c
+3 -3 1 file

NetBSD — bin/pax buf_subs.c

s/copy copy/copy/ in comment.
Delta File
+3 -3 bin/pax/buf_subs.c
+3 -3 1 file

NetBSD — sys/compat/common ccd_60.c

remove another error decl.
Delta File
+2 -4 sys/compat/common/ccd_60.c
+2 -4 1 file

NetBSD — sys/compat/common compat_60_mod.c ccd_60.c, sys/compat/sys cpuio.h

Merge changes from HEAD into ccd_60.c

For all of the individual xxx_60_{init,fini} routines, don't force
them to artificially return a status;  just make them void.  This
simplifies the compat_60_{init,fini} handling of errors that remain.

NetBSD — sys/compat/common ccd_60.c

remove error decl
Delta File
+2 -4 sys/compat/common/ccd_60.c
+2 -4 1 file

NetBSD — sys/compat/common ccd_60.c

- use the conditional from the header file
- fix compilation
Delta File
+6 -6 sys/compat/common/ccd_60.c
+6 -6 1 file

NetBSD — sys/compat/common ccd_60.c

Declare 'error' if needed
Delta File
+12 -6 sys/compat/common/ccd_60.c
+12 -6 1 file

NetBSD — sys/compat/common ccd_60.c

Declare 'error' if needed
Delta File
+6 -2 sys/compat/common/ccd_60.c
+6 -2 1 file

NetBSD — sys/compat/common ccd_60.c compat_60_mod.c, sys/compat/sys ccdvar.h

Import compat_60 changes for dev/ccd

NetBSD — sys/compat/common ccd_60.c compat_mod.c, sys/compat/sys ccdvar.h

factor out the ccd COMPAT_60 code.

NetBSD — sys/sys socketvar.h

remove extra function.
Delta File
+1 -2 sys/sys/socketvar.h
+1 -2 1 file

NetBSD — sys/kern uipc_socket2.c, sys/sys socketvar.h

- Convert sb_lowat to unsigned for consistency. There are no negative value
- Check for overflow as mentioned in the comment
- Sprinkle const
Delta File
+13 -13 sys/sys/socketvar.h
+5 -5 sys/kern/uipc_socket2.c
+18 -18 2 files

NetBSD — sys/kern exec_elf.c

stsrt with an alignment of 1 (which means no alignment). From alnsn
Delta File
+3 -3 sys/kern/exec_elf.c
+3 -3 1 file

NetBSD — sys/compat/common compat_60_mod.c tty_60.c, sys/kern tty.c

Initial pass at getting the tty stuff properly modularized.  Subject
to review and revision.

NetBSD — external/mit/ctwm/bin/ctwm Makefile

Fix path to system.ctwmrc

NetBSD — sys/arch/sgimips/conf GENERIC32_IP3x


NetBSD — doc CHANGES-8.0

Tickets #639 - #643
Delta File
+45 -1 doc/CHANGES-8.0
+45 -1 1 file

NetBSD — usr.sbin/sysinst/arch/sgimips md.c

Pull up following revision(s) (requested by jmcneill in ticket #643):
        usr.sbin/sysinst/arch/sgimips/md.c: revision 1.4
Official builds now append a timestamp to the kernel config name, so we
can no longer rely on matching an exact name like "(INSTALL32_IP3x)".
Strip the trailing ) from the version strings checked so sysinst will
install the correct bootloader and kernel again.

NetBSD — sys/arch/sgimips/dev crmfb.c

Pull up following revision(s) (requested by jmcneill in ticket #642):
        sys/arch/sgimips/dev/crmfb.c: revision 1.45
Add support for overriding the video mode by setting an ARCS environment
If the "crmfb_mode" environment variable is set, treat it as a mode
string in the form WIDTHxHEIGHT[@REFRESH] and generate monitor timings
using the VESA GTF formula. If set, this overrides the EDID preferred
Delta File
+47 -7 sys/arch/sgimips/dev/crmfb.c
+47 -7 1 file

NetBSD — sys/dev/ic nvme.c ld_nvme.c

Pull up following revision(s) (requested by jdolecek in ticket #641):
        sys/dev/ic/nvme.c: revision 1.34
        sys/dev/ic/nvme.c: revision 1.35
        sys/dev/ic/nvme.c: revision 1.36
        sys/dev/ic/nvme.c: revision 1.37
        sys/dev/ic/ld_nvme.c: revision 1.19
        sys/dev/ic/nvmevar.h: revision 1.15

refactor the locking code around DIOCGCACHE handling to be reusable
for other infrequent commands,it uses single condvar for simplicity,
and uses it both when waiting for ccb or command completion - this
is fine, since usually there will be just one such command qeueued anyway
use this to finally properly implement DIOCCACHESYNC - return only after
the command is confirmed as completed by the controller.

switch handling of passthrough commands to use queue, instead of polling
should fix PR kern/53059 by Frank Kardel

fix passthrough command usage also in nvme_get_number_of_queues(), fixes
memory corruption and possible panic on boot

also remove now duplicate nvme_ccb_put() call from
Delta File
+201 -53 sys/dev/ic/nvme.c
+5 -119 sys/dev/ic/ld_nvme.c
+5 -4 sys/dev/ic/nvmevar.h
+211 -176 3 files

NetBSD — external/bsd/mdocml/include config.h

Pull up following revision(s) (requested by nakayama in ticket #640):
        external/bsd/mdocml/include/config.h: revision 1.4
Disable wchar_t support since our C library does not treat wchar_t
as UCS-4 in the case of non-UTF-8 locales.
This feature was controlled by USE_WCHAR and disabled on NetBSD 7.

NetBSD — share/man/man4 ip.4, share/man/man9 sockopt.9

Pull up following revision(s) (requested by tih in ticket #639):
        sys/kern/uipc_socket.c: revision 1.258
        sys/kern/uipc_socket.c: revision 1.259
        sys/netinet/ip_input.c: revision 1.364 (via patch)
        sys/netinet/ip_output.c: revision 1.289
        sys/netinet/in.h: revision 1.102
        sys/netinet/in_pcb.c: revision 1.181
        share/man/man9/sockopt.9: revision 1.11
        sys/netinet/in_pcb.h: revision 1.65
        sys/sys/socketvar.h: revision 1.146
        sys/kern/uipc_syscalls.c: revision 1.189
        sys/netinet/ip_output.c: revision 1.290
        share/man/man4/ip.4: revision 1.41
        share/man/man4/ip.4: revision 1.42
        sys/kern/uipc_syscalls.c: revision 1.190

pass valsize for getsockopt like we do for setsockopt
make sure that we have enough space, don't require the exact size
(Tom Ivar Helbekkmo)

1) "#define ipi_spec_dst ipi_addr" in <netinet/in.h>
2) Change the IP_RECVPKTINFO option to control the generation of
   IP_PKTINFO control messages, the way it's done in Solaris.
3) Remove the superfluous IP_RECVPKTINFO control message.
4) Change the IP_PKTINFO option to do different things depending on

    [22 lines not shown]
Delta File
+89 -19 sys/netinet/ip_output.c
+50 -12 share/man/man4/ip.4
+11 -4 sys/kern/uipc_socket.c
+2 -11 sys/netinet/ip_input.c
+7 -4 sys/kern/uipc_syscalls.c
+7 -3 sys/netinet/in.h
+13 -11 4 files not shown
+179 -64 10 files

NetBSD — share/man/man8/man8.vax boot.8

Fix spelling error and boot block naming.
This man page needs a major update.
Delta File
+3 -5 share/man/man8/man8.vax/boot.8
+3 -5 1 file

NetBSD — doc CHANGES-8.0

Ammend ticket #608 for additional changes
Delta File
+2 -2 doc/CHANGES-8.0
+2 -2 1 file

NetBSD — tests/lib/libc/locale t_wcstod.c

Additionally pull up r1.5 for ticket #608:

VAX doesn't have the test cases, so stub the body as well.
Delta File
+4 -2 tests/lib/libc/locale/t_wcstod.c
+4 -2 1 file

NetBSD — sys/compat/common compat_60_mod.c kern_sa_60.c, sys/compat/sys cpuio.h

Clean-up for kern_cpu_60 code.

Also, although not strictly necessary, include the kern_sa_60 stuff in
the compat_60 module, for completeness.

Still need to deal with some tty code and the ccd driver to finish off
the compat_60 module.

NetBSD — sys/compat/common kern_cpu_60.c, sys/compat/sys cpuio.h

include compat/sys/cpuio.h and multiple include protection.

NetBSD — sys/kern exec_elf.c

Turn KASSERTS that check alignment which are user triggerable into errors.
From alnsn
Delta File
+27 -13 sys/kern/exec_elf.c
+27 -13 1 file