OpenBSD/src CoaZu5Ashare/man/man9 malloc.9

   Add missing types, and fix incorrect names.
+9-51 files

OpenBSD/src DUZDyTAregress/usr.sbin/syslogd

   Adapt expected number of dropped messages after sendsyslog(2) kernel
   buffer size has changed.

OpenBSD/src AJortCEusr.sbin/syslogd syslogd.c

   Increase the socket buffer size for sendsyslog(2) to 1 MB.  During
   bursts it is possible that syslogd(8) cannot process messages fast
   enough.  The larger kernel buffer allows to work them off in more
   time.  Then fewer dropped messages are reported.
   problem found by millert@; OK claudio@ deraadt@
+22-81 files

OpenBSD/ports 231Otntgames/dangerdeep Makefile, games/dangerdeep/patches patch-src_matrix3_h

   Add missing headers for ports-gcc and remove trailing
   whitespaces in DESCR and README.
   OK bcallah@

OpenBSD/src lyUf2ACusr.bin/mandoc html.c mdoc_html.c

   The .UR and .MT blocks in man(7) are represented by <a> elements
   which establish phrasing context, but they can contain paragraph
   breaks (which is relevant for terminal formatting, so we can't just
   change the structure of the syntax tree), which are respresented
   by <p> elements and cannot occur inside <a>.

   Fix this by prematurely closing the <a> element in the HTML formatter.
   This menas that the clickable text in HTML output is shorter than
   what is represented as the link text in terminal output, but in
   HTML, it is frankly impossible to have the clickable area of a
   hyperlink extend across a paragraph break.  The difference in
   presentation is not a major problem, and besides, paragraph breaks
   inside .UR are rather poor style in the first place.

   The implementation is quite tricky.  Naively closing out the <a>
   prematurely would result in accessing a stale pointer when later
   reaching the physical end of the .UR block.  So this commit separates
   visual and structural closing of "struct tag" stack items.  Visual
   closing means that the HTML element is closed but the "struct tag"
   remains on the stack, to avoid later access to a stale pointer and
   to avoid closing the same HTML element a second time later.

   This also needs reference counting of pointers to "struct tag" stack
   items because often more than one child holds a pointer to the same
   parent item, and only the outermost child can safely do the physical

    [6 lines not shown]

OpenBSD/xenocara sEn9lb1. MODULES

+2-21 files

OpenBSD/xenocara FEfC5bMdistrib/sets/lists/xbase mi

+1-11 files

OpenBSD/xenocara ExTUo5ylib/pixman/demos scale.c, lib/pixman/pixman pixman-filter.c pixman-access.c

   Update to libpixman 0.36.0

OpenBSD/src kl5nXZ3sys/nfs nfsm_subs.h

   Check for negative length in NFS strings.  This affects both, the
   client and server.
   OK beck@
+2-21 files

OpenBSD/src jsf4db9sys/nfs nfs_serv.c

   Check for negative length integers in NFS server.  A malicious
   client could crash the server.
   OK tedu@
+11-101 files

OpenBSD/src yvjKZ4Qsys/nfs nfs_vnops.c

   Check for negative length integers in NFS client.  A malicious
   server could confuse the client file system code.
   OK beck@
+4-31 files

OpenBSD/src fDPTHafregress/lib/libssl/buffer buffertest.c

   initialize offset value so this passes
   ok jsing@

OpenBSD/src 4aYG6d2lib/libssl ssl_tlsext.h

+2-11 files

OpenBSD/src OXlL47klib/libssl ssl_tlsext.c

   bump copyright years appopriately
+3-31 files

OpenBSD/src 8bcjY8ulib/libssl ssl_tlsext.c ssl_locl.h, regress/lib/libssl/tlsext tlsexttest.c

   Add client side of supported versions and keyshare extensions with basic regress
   ok jsing@

OpenBSD/ports MsjRzWhx11/i3/patches patch-src_ipc_c patch-src_config_directives_c

   Add missing patches

OpenBSD/ports rDFzWlpx11 Makefile

   Add coma.
+2-11 files

OpenBSD/ports oYl55Tjx11/coma Makefile distinfo, x11/coma/patches patch-Makefile patch-Makefile

   Initial revision

OpenBSD/ports a7uVwDkgraphics/ansilove Makefile distinfo

   Update ansilove to 4.0.0.

   OK sthen@

OpenBSD/ports 8FGrYuBgraphics Makefile

   Add libansilove.
+2-11 files

OpenBSD/ports 68ne3O0graphics/libansilove Makefile distinfo, graphics/libansilove/pkg DESCR PLIST

   Import graphics/libansilove.

   Library for converting ANSI, ASCII, and other formats to PNG, allowing
   to render ANSI and artscene-related file formats into PNG images, and
   supporting ANSI (.ANS), PCBoard (.PCB), Binary (.BIN), Artworx (.ADF),
   iCE Draw (.IDF), Tundra (.TND) and XBin (.XB) formats.

   It creates size optimized 4-bit PNG files and supports SAUCE (Standard
   Architecture for Universal Comment Extentions), 80x25 and 80x50 PC fonts
   (including all the 14 MS-DOS charsets), Amiga fonts, and iCE colors.

   OK sthen@

OpenBSD/ports ogGlp9qx11/i3 Makefile, x11/i3/patches patch-docs_ipc patch-include_config_directives_h

   revert an upstream commit IPC related that causes an i3 crash.
   diff spotted by Josh Grosse
   ok rsadowsky@ jasper@

OpenBSD/ports m1oQNtRgraphics/grafx2 Makefile distinfo, graphics/grafx2/patches patch-Makefile patch-realpath_c

   Update grafx2 to 2.6 and switch to using SDL2.

OpenBSD/src sW7Z5Bglib/libc/sys getitimer.2, sys/sys time.h

   sys/time.h: new macros: timerisvalid() and timespecisvalid().

   Make it less likely you miss a zero when typing out 100000 or 100000000.
   Document them in getitimer.2 for the masses.  These may be of use in
   library code as well as the kernel.

   Comparable inline functions exist in Linux but are not available to
   userspace like these.

   "OK." deraadt@
+15-32 files

OpenBSD/ports rvHasjnproductivity/tudu Makefile, productivity/tudu/patches patch-src_parser_cc patch-src_parser_h

   Fix out-of-bounds access, prevents tudu from crashing on exit.

   Commit from upstream.

OpenBSD/src 5VdbIFdlib/libsndio sio_open.3

   Sayt that using capabilities to negociate audio parameters (ie using
   sio_getcap() function) is not recomended.

   From Paul Swanson <psw at>, ok jmc
+12-21 files

OpenBSD/src lo4X0Xisys/net bfd.c

   chase sounlock() api change, make bfd(4) build again

   "go ahead" deraadt@
+7-71 files

OpenBSD/src mwt6LeOsys/arch/amd64/amd64 vmm.c

   remove a debugging printf that has outlived its usefulness
+1-21 files

OpenBSD/src bqUBzIFsbin/dhclient dhclient.c

   Move link state change test & check for new lladdr into
   interface_state(). Simplifies code a bit.
+21-201 files

OpenBSD/src EA2B2LPlib/libc/locale wcscoll.3 wcsxfrm.3, lib/libc/string strcoll.3 strxfrm.3

   Improve the description of locale dependency:
   * mention LC_COLLATE;
   * clarify that all these functions are infested, including the *_l() versions;
   * avoid ENVIRONMENT, these functions don't inspect it;
   * and point to the C library functions that change the locale.
   OK millert@

OpenBSD/src g1OACWzsbin/dhclient dhclient.8 dhclient.c

   Ignore HUP signals. If you need to modify the running configuration
   just run dhclient again, which does the same thing. i.e. kills
   existing dhclient processes and exec's a new copy.

   One less knob. Improves documention by eliminating very non-standard
   SIGNALS section.

   Feedback from schwarze@. ok deraadt@
+4-212 files

OpenBSD/ports emiScyXnet/p5-Net-SFTP-Foreign Makefile distinfo

   Update to p5-Net-SFTP-Foreign-1.89.

OpenBSD/src SbX99d8lib/libc/stdlib labs.3 abs.3

   Replace the vague, incorrect, and confusing BUGS sections with CAVEATS
   clearly stating which arguments have to be avoided, and mention the
   header files defining the constants required for the checks.
   Feedback and OK guenther@, OK bluhm@.

OpenBSD/ports NC0T8VYwww/p5-HTTP-DAV Makefile distinfo

   Update to 0.49
   from Wen Heping

OpenBSD/src fqsM88Lusr.bin/openssl openssl.1

   tweak previous;
+8-81 files

OpenBSD/src 54OHsG9lib/libssl tls13_handshake.c tls13_handshake.h

   Expose some symbols in a new tls13_handshake.h for regression testing.
   Update the handshake state tables and flag names according to the
   design decisions and naming conventions in the hackroom. Garbage collect
   some things that turn out not to belong here.

   ok jsing

OpenBSD/ports KL3WVaax11/gnome/settings-daemon Makefile, x11/gnome/settings-daemon/patches patch-plugins_media-keys_gsd-media-keys-manager_c patch-plugins_power_gsd-power-manager_c

   ConsoleKit2 added support for inhibitors.
   Enable them by using the proper name, path and interface.

OpenBSD/src duSPMrDregress/lib/libssl/buffer buffertest.c

   Removed unused struct members.

OpenBSD/src duvlH4vlib/libc/sys adjtime.2

   minor tweaks:
   * correctly mark up NULL
   * avoid gratuitous future tense
   * replace one wrong .Nm macro
+18-101 files

OpenBSD/ports 64oFGFTx11/gnome/gdm/patches patch-daemon_gdm-manager_c patch-daemon_gdm-local-display-factory_c

   Update to gdm-3.30.2.

OpenBSD/src yP7yAoWlib/libc/sys clock_gettime.2

   Adjust EINVAL wording: tv_nsec cannot be 1 billion, either.
+3-21 files

OpenBSD/src 0hRFNSjlib/libc/sys futex.2, sys/kern sys_futex.c

   futex(2): validate relative timeout before sleeping.

   Linux does validation.

   Document this new failure case as an EINVAL, like Linux.

   "stop waiting" deraadt
+10-32 files

OpenBSD/src TUHc359lib/libc/sys adjtime.2 gettimeofday.2, sys/kern kern_time.c

   adjtime(2), settimeofday(2), clock_settime(2): validate input

   Add documentation for the new EINVAL cases for adjtime(2) and

   adjtime.2 docs ok schwarze@,
   settimeofday(2)/clock_settime(2) stuff ok tedu@,
   "stop waiting" deraadt@

OpenBSD/src AuIo0RSusr.bin/openssl openssl.1

   Add the -iter and -pbkdf2 argumenst to enc
+11-21 files

OpenBSD/src 2lWyV6fusr.bin/openssl enc.c

   Change the default digest type to sha256, and add support for
   pbkdf2 with OpenSSL compatible flags
   ok jsing@
+44-51 files

OpenBSD/src qhdTfkHlib/libssl Makefile tls13_tlsext.c

   Remove this copy, we have decided we can do this in place
   ok jsing@

OpenBSD/src bbGX1zalib/libssl ssl_tlsext.c

   Add support for RFC 8446 section 4.2 enforcing which extensions may
   appear with which messages.
   ok jsing@
+42-71 files

OpenBSD/src yzGd0TTshare/man/man9 tvtohz.9

   add missing .Vt markup
+8-41 files

OpenBSD/ports arQiLPNmail/geary distinfo

   Fix sums of GitLab patches.
   No idea what happened up there...

   reported by nigel@
+3-31 files

OpenBSD/ports GGcsDJYsysutils/consolekit Makefile, sysutils/consolekit/patches patch-src_ck-sysdeps-openbsd_c

   Implement ck_system_can_suspend and ck_system_can_hibernate.
   While here, add optimistic arm64 support.