OpenBSD/ports lzT1Fffgraphics/libansilove Makefile distinfo

   Update libansilove to 1.1.5.

OpenBSD/ports qE1toC3games/scummvm-tools Makefile distinfo, games/scummvm-tools/pkg PLIST

   update to scummvm-tools 2.1.0

OpenBSD/ports 9oSsO1kgames/scummvm Makefile distinfo, games/scummvm/patches patch-configure patch-Makefile_common

   update to scummvm 2.1.0

OpenBSD/ports MzDP6XMwww/gitea Makefile distinfo

   Update gitea 1.9.3 -> 1.9.4
   Release notes:
+4-42 files

OpenBSD/ports hkihIyZmath/pari Makefile

   HOMEPAGE to https and fix MASTER_SITES
+7-51 files

OpenBSD/ports 30DvheQsysutils/login_duo Makefile distinfo

   Update login_duo to 1.11.3. Improves validation of BSON messages.

OpenBSD/ports TfvDfTSeditors/nano Makefile distinfo

   Update to 4.5.  Noteworthy improvement:
   - What the <Tab> key produces can be specified per syntax with 'tabgives'.
+4-42 files

OpenBSD/ports jyAjXXvmultimedia/aom/patches patch-build_cmake_aom_configure_cmake

   Merge in the fix that was commited upstream.

   from Brad (maintainer0

OpenBSD/ports LdEovameditors/libreoffice Makefile, editors/libreoffice/patches patch-external_libfreehand_UnpackedTarball_libfreehand_mk patch-external_libfreehand_icu651_patch

   add a patch for the upcoming icu update; requested by aja@

OpenBSD/ports vRK6UhIwww/firefox-i18n distinfo, www/mozilla-firefox Makefile distinfo

OpenBSD/ports uwNClc2mail/mozilla-thunderbird Makefile distinfo, mail/thunderbird-i18n distinfo

OpenBSD/ports AtcId8lsecurity/nss Makefile distinfo

+4-42 files

OpenBSD/ports YdZ15Jlnet/fastnetmon Makefile

   fastnetmon: use __atomic* primitives instead of __sync* ones
   This fixes the build on macppc, and probably hppa.

   OK naddy@ jasper@ (maintainer)
+9-11 files

OpenBSD/ports TGUOW3Hgames/xmoto Makefile, games/xmoto/patches patch-src_drawlib_DrawLibOpenGL_cpp patch-src_include_xm_hashmap_h

   Fix font rendering. Patch taken from FreeBSD.
   Noticed and OK solene@

OpenBSD/ports L4gPpRggraphics/openimageio Makefile

   stop using -Werror to allow building on aarch64; ok pascal@
+4-31 files

OpenBSD/ports nfhuDO3www/mozilla-firefox Makefile, www/mozilla-firefox/patches patch-gfx_skia_skia_src_core_SkCpu_cpp

   Fix Firefox build on aarch64, Makefile parts from kurt@, build patch from me.
   In conjunction with the JIT issue that kurt@ tracked down recently, Firefox
   now runs on this arch. ok kurt@ landry@

OpenBSD/ports PKbe76gwww/chromium Makefile, www/chromium/pkg PLIST-electron PFRAG.swiftshader-electron

   swiftshader is x86 only. Add PFRAG for electron too.
   okay naddy@ robert@

OpenBSD/ports 4zzlt4neditors/libreoffice Makefile, editors/libreoffice/patches patch-configure patch-sc_source_core_data_attarray_cxx

   unbreak on i386 and regen some patches

OpenBSD/ports pQoVUSisecurity/keyringer Makefile, security/keyringer/patches patch-lib_keyringer_functions

   Use date -r instead of GNU date --date=... when showing expired keys

   ok tb@ sthen@ Gregoire Jadi (maintainer)

OpenBSD/ports IAPc42vsysutils/u-boot Makefile distinfo

   update from U-Boot 2019.10-rc4 to U-Boot 2019.10
   ok naddy@

OpenBSD/ports wg6hH6Amath/coq Makefile

   really bump REVISION
+2-31 files

OpenBSD/ports OFlbdrBsysutils Makefile

+2-11 files

OpenBSD/ports 1DGk3tusysutils/terragrunt Makefile distinfo, sysutils/terragrunt/pkg DESCR PLIST

   Initial revision

OpenBSD/ports rcctujAsysutils/u-boot Makefile, sysutils/u-boot/patches patch-include_dt-bindings_clock_rk3328-cru_h patch-arch_arm_dts_rk3399-rockpro64_dts

   Updates for aarch64 rockchip boards:
   * Add rock64-rk3328 to supported boards
   * Update rk3328-cru.h from linux 5.3
   * Include Simon Souths Rock64 TPL bug fixes [1]
   * Update rk3399-rockpro64.dts from linux 5.3 to gain PCIe support

   okay jsg@, patrick@, kettenis@, sthen@


OpenBSD/ports tZQmzo3www/firefox-esr Makefile, www/firefox-esr/patches patch-js_src_jit_ProcessExecutableMemory_cpp

   *** empty log message ***

OpenBSD/ports nLvDTH3archivers/rzip Makefile

   Also mirror the rzip distfile

   Initially hosted on which now rejects HTTP/1.0 requests.

   Thanks to kmos@ for hosting the distfile, ok lteo@ (maintainer)
+3-21 files

OpenBSD/ports WtmZ3zJdatabases/ruby-sequel Makefile distinfo, databases/ruby-sequel/pkg PLIST

   Update to Sequel 5.25.0

OpenBSD/ports sT9ZDA2lang/pypy Makefile

   missing BDEP for FLAVOR=no_bootstrap, use https HOMEPAGE while there
+6-21 files

OpenBSD/ports OSLMdk8net/rsync Makefile

   Also mirror the rsync distfile

   Initially hosted on which now rejects HTTP/1.0 requests.

   Thanks to kmos@ for hosting the distfile, no objection from espie@
+3-21 files

OpenBSD/ports RZ783F5mail/mozilla-thunderbird Makefile, mail/mozilla-thunderbird/patches patch-js_src_jit_ProcessExecutableMemory_cpp patch-mozilla_storage_mozStorageConnection_cpp

   Allow mmap(2) to select a suitable random address by providing NULL as
   the hint address. okay sthen@

OpenBSD/ports 9N5PP0Rwww/mozilla-firefox Makefile, www/mozilla-firefox/patches patch-js_src_jit_ProcessExecutableMemory_cpp

   Allow mmap(2) to select a suitable random address by providing NULL as
   the hint address. okay sthen@

OpenBSD/ports i5qHEGSdatabases/tdb Makefile, devel/libtalloc Makefile

   Mirror a bunch of distfiles now rejects the HTTP/1.0 requests sent by our ftp(1).
   Changing ftp(1) now is asking for trouble so work around it.

   distfiles hosting courtesy of kmos@, thanks!

OpenBSD/ports P4eM1Egnet/samba Makefile, net/samba/patches patch-lib_ldb_wscript patch-auth_auth_log_c

   Update to samba-4.9.13

   4.8.x is not supported upstream any more, so better update before 6.6 is
   tagged if we want to benefit from upstream's security updates.

   To stay on the safe side, this update doesn't enable the LMDB backend
   which has become the default upstream.  samba requires a 64 bits system
   to use LMDB (32 bits systems can keep on using tdb); and LMDB has always
   been a problem child on OpenBSD anyway.

   Lightly tested by me, bulk build test and ok ajacoutot@ (thanks!)

OpenBSD/ports BB7uOOaeditors/libreoffice Makefile

   mark BROKEN-i386 again, it takes ~2.5h before failing
+2-11 files

OpenBSD/ports GUAVv0hnet/arouteserver distinfo Makefile, net/arouteserver/patches patch-pierky_arouteserver_config_base_py

   committed upstream

OpenBSD/ports IgfyWo3sysutils Makefile

+2-11 files

OpenBSD/ports 7uAZVAOsysutils/reposync Makefile Makefile, sysutils/reposync/files reposync reposync.1

   import sysutils/reposync, a script to assist syncing the OpenBSD cvs repo
   from an rsync mirror. if updates are done frequently, the CVSROOT directory
   is checked for changes, skipping some updates if there is likely to be no
   change to reduce io.  feedback jasper@ ok aja@

OpenBSD/ports IgQDxnrx11/xfce4/xfce4-dict Makefile distinfo, x11/xfce4/xfce4-dict/pkg PLIST

   Update to xfce4-dict 0.8.3

OpenBSD/ports GYhqSE8textproc/catfish Makefile distinfo, textproc/catfish/pkg PLIST

   Update to catfish 1.4.10

OpenBSD/ports WscGLAtwww/nextcloud distinfo Makefile, www/nextcloud/pkg PLIST

   Update for Nextcloud to 16.0.5
+80-53 files

OpenBSD/ports P6F0bV1www/nextcloud distinfo Makefile, www/nextcloud/pkg PLIST

   Update for Nextcloud to 16.0.5

OpenBSD/ports 1VJQtj4mail/geary Makefile distinfo

   Update to geary 3.34.1
+4-42 files

OpenBSD/ports lzCqpjMmath/coq Makefile, math/coq/pkg PLIST

   fix plist for bytecode-only arm64, sparc64

   OK jca@

OpenBSD/ports qjUI4Cminfrastructure/lib/DPB, infrastructure/lib/DPB/Core

   document how host/hostproperties interact
   remove some "implicit returns" (cosmetic) and do more regular sub calls

   provide a default is_alive for the abstract shell class to dedup code.

   no functional change

OpenBSD/ports iErAN8Fdevel/fossil Makefile distinfo, devel/fossil/patches patch-auto_def

OpenBSD/ports VgNQEUanet Makefile

+2-11 files

OpenBSD/ports UfegmDVnet/arouteserver Makefile distinfo, net/arouteserver/patches patch-pierky_arouteserver_config_base_py

   Initial revision

OpenBSD/ports 7iI0J9vsysutils Makefile

+3-11 files

OpenBSD/ports lCFfD64sysutils/py-packaging Makefile distinfo, sysutils/py-packaging/pkg PLIST DESCR

   Initial revision

OpenBSD/ports cnnVGhKnet/routinator Makefile

+4-11 files