OpenBSD/ports ZmnFlVEdevel/ruby-concurrent-ruby Makefile distinfo

   Update to 1.1.5

OpenBSD/ports lvX7QC5net/proxychains-ng Makefile distinfo

   Update to 4.14

OpenBSD/ports DLVHqMBlang/python

   Add MODPY_TEST_LOCALE. In general python tests want an UTF-8 locale.
   If needed this allows to overwrite it.

   I looks like python preferes C.UTF-8. But Ingo pointed out that on
   OpenBSD en_US.UTF-8 is prefered and the former is just a link to the later.

   from Kurt Mosiejczuk
   ok sthen@
+5-11 files

OpenBSD/ports Azr5rcXdatabases/p5-DBD-XBase Makefile, databases/p5-DBD-XBase/pkg PLIST

   Install dbfdump script as, a shapelib update i'm working on
   will ship a dbfdump binary.

OpenBSD/ports NK58v6Zlang/python

   Add MODPY_TESTDEP and MODPY_TEST_DEPENDS. In a future step this will
   allow to automatically add deps for pytest to TEST_DEPENDS.

   from Kurt Mosiejczuk
   ok sthen@
+7-11 files

OpenBSD/ports f4JhtXgsecurity/suricata Makefile distinfo, security/suricata/pkg PLIST

   update to suricata-4.1.3

   ok gonzalo@

OpenBSD/ports RGxsL98net/rbldnsd Makefile distinfo, net/rbldnsd/pkg PLIST

   Update to latest GH commit (2018.05.16) and take maintainership

OpenBSD/ports 65jPJEFeditors Makefile

   build vim--gtk2 again (previously it had just plain "vim" using the default
   flavour, previously gtk2 now gtk3 - change to explicitly listing both ,gtk2
   and ,gtk3).
+3-21 files

OpenBSD/ports duxRv0Wwww/py-django/lts Makefile distinfo, www/py-django/lts/pkg PLIST

   update django to 1.11.20 and 2.1.7.

OpenBSD/ports 6AqBPV8geo/qlandkartegt Makefile, geo/qlandkartegt/patches patch-src_GeoMath_cpp

   qlandkartegt: requires -std=c++11 with ports-gcc-4.9. Also fix an
   out of scope isnan() occurring only with ports-gcc.
   Successfully tested on macppc.

   OK sthen@, "looks good" landry@

OpenBSD/ports zCrdUbWsecurity/hcxtools Makefile distinfo

   Update to 5.1.4

OpenBSD/ports RrNJhdqproductivity/khal Makefile distinfo, productivity/khal/pkg PLIST

   update to 0.9.10 and switch back to pypi

   from Kurt Mosiejczuk with tweaks from kn

   ok kn bentley

OpenBSD/ports auJ8shFdevel/py-icalendar Makefile distinfo, devel/py-icalendar/pkg PLIST

   update to 4.0.3

   from Kurt Mosiejczuk

OpenBSD/ports HFZ5YBkcad Makefile

+2-11 files

OpenBSD/ports QONmZvTcad/magic Makefile, cad/magic/patches patch-textio_txInput_c patch-scripts_configure

   Initial revision

OpenBSD/ports 6FU01QUdevel/glib2mm Makefile distinfo, devel/glib2mm/pkg PLIST

   Update to glib2mm-2.58.1.

OpenBSD/ports kWko5zosecurity/aide Makefile

   switch to dynamic linking. upstream prefers static (possibly in the hope
   that an attacker who replaces a library with a trojaned one doesn't notice
   that aide is installed) but, as far as this port goes, nobody has bumped
   it when dependencies have had security fixes, so we're better off with
+7-31 files

OpenBSD/ports kouSmM9security/aide Makefile distinfo

   update to aide-0.16.1, from Marcos Madeira
+7-72 files

OpenBSD/ports a3zBxGZcomms/conserver Makefile distinfo, comms/conserver/patches patch-conserver_cutil_c patch-configure_in

   update to conserver-8.2.3

OpenBSD/ports f5cPdWxaudio/beets Makefile

   do-test target not needed, it's the default already
+2-61 files

OpenBSD/ports AmgWa4mnet/librenms Makefile, net/librenms/pkg README

   Mention in the pkg-readme how to convert alert templates from old-style
   to new (if you see messages with keywords like "Severity: %severity" you
   need to do this) - at present there's a built-in converter but this won't
   stay around forever.
+10-22 files

OpenBSD/ports oTfFXehprint/cups-filters distinfo Makefile

   Update to cups-filters-1.22.2.

OpenBSD/ports WH4Opacdevel/py-coveralls Makefile distinfo, devel/py-coveralls/pkg PLIST

   Update to py-coveralls-1.6.0

   Upstream dropped py-test-runner build dependency.

   From Johan (Maintainer)


OpenBSD/ports bqKeu7xmail/geary Makefile distinfo, mail/geary/pkg PLIST

   Update to geary 3.32, now depends on folks.
+9-123 files

OpenBSD/ports 7anIR6Sdevel/netbeans Makefile

   Avoid compression during fake

   No need for compression here as it slows down installation quite noticably.
   Use simpler pax(1).

   find(1) has -delete, so use that over `xargs rm' while here.

   OK rsadowski
+4-41 files

OpenBSD/ports rUkaj2udevel/intellij Makefile

   Avoid compression and repeated mode set during fake

   No need for compression here as it slows down installation quite noticably.
   Use simpler pax(1).

   SUBST_PROGRAM already ensure BINMODE, so drop the unneeded chmod(1).

   OK rsadowski sthen
+2-31 files

OpenBSD/ports 0dWzAFJfonts/terminus-font Makefile distinfo, fonts/terminus-font/patches patch-Makefile

   Update to terminus-font 4.47 and install raw font files (suitable
   for use with wsfontload). Add a README showing how to use this as
   a console font.

   ok/help fcambus@, ok LEVAI Daniel (maintainer)

OpenBSD/ports DJaYuBlgames/grhino Makefile, games/grhino/patches patch-aiai_cc patch-gen_book_cc

   grhino: add missing headers for ports-gcc

   Tested successfully on macppc. While here, i've been asked by
   rpointel@ to remove him as MAINTAINER.

   OK bcallah@, "seems good" rpointel@

OpenBSD/ports FQMe7sBgraphics/drawpile Makefile distinfo, graphics/drawpile/pkg PLIST

   Update to drawpile-2.1.3

OpenBSD/ports ipxcQZIx11/libdbusmenu Makefile

   libdbusmenu: "-Wno-error=gnu-designator" is clang-specific

   As such, limit its use to base-clang, allowing it to build with
   base-gcc. Tested on macppc.

   OK landry@
+9-41 files

OpenBSD/ports gjMMq9ox11/i3 Makefile distinfo, x11/i3/patches patch-docs_ipc patch-include_config_directives_h

   update to 4.16.1
   ok rsadowsky@ kn@
   properly enable debug when needed (patch from kn@)
   maintainer timeout

OpenBSD/ports LfgfMJGeditors/py-neovim Makefile distinfo, editors/py-neovim/patches patch-test_conftest_py

   Update Python bindings to neovim to 0.3.2.

   Upstream has renamed the bindings, but for now we keep the old name.

   OK sthen@, thanks!

OpenBSD/ports d7MY9dCeditors/neovim Makefile distinfo, editors/neovim/patches patch-src_nvim_os_process_c patch-src_nvim_CMakeLists_txt

   Update to neovim v0.3.4.

   This was a team effort between Jon Bernard and myself.

   OK sthen@

OpenBSD/ports IZm4q79sysutils/uefitool Makefile distinfo

   Update to UEFITool-0.26.0

   Drop duplicate LIB_DEPENDS as the x11/qt5 already takes care of that;
   noted by rsadowski.

   OK rsadowski

OpenBSD/ports sglaGcRx11/textsuggest Makefile

   Preserve CXXFLAGS and LDFLAGS, use

   Even though DEBUG was picked through CFLAGS by the port, do append to
   CXXFLAGS and LDFLAGS such that DEBUG ends in CXXFLAGS also iff set.

   Simply use the existing instead of rolling our own:

        $ make -p | grep ^          = ${CXX} ${CXXFLAGS} ${CPPFLAGS} ${LDFLAGS}

   OK stsp
+7-91 files

OpenBSD/ports hUggWVqx11/textsuggest Makefile

   Drop defaults, install from WRKBUILD, introduce PROCESSORS

   CONFIGURE_STYLE and SEPARATE_BUILD are set to default, so drop them.
   Consequently, as there's no configure target, substitute variables in
   post-patch not pre-configure.

   With SEPARATE_BUILD=no WRKSRC and WRKBUILD are identical, but install built
   files still from the latter to be consistent.

   Move the hardcoded list of processors into PROCESSORS.

   OK stsp
+13-131 files

OpenBSD/ports WCp2R7Iwww/chromium Makefile, www/chromium/files pledge.main

   add getpw pledge to the main process because when using cups, there will
   be getpnam(3) calls by the cups library

OpenBSD/ports 6ndYgC3math/R Makefile distinfo, math/R/patches patch-configure

   Update to R 3.5.3

   OK pirofti@
+8-93 files

OpenBSD/ports A8Kk5Z2emulators/mupen64plus/input-sdl Makefile, emulators/mupen64plus/input-sdl/pkg README

   Update wiki link.

OpenBSD/ports eevqSRLlang/compcert Makefile distinfo, lang/compcert/patches patch-configure

   Update to compcert-3.5
   ok daniel@ (MAINTAINER)

OpenBSD/ports 2M1rf5Unet/putty Makefile distinfo, net/putty/patches patch-unix_uxnoise_c patch-putty_h

   udpate to PuTTY 0.71

OpenBSD/ports fq8qN8Jwww/stagit Makefile distinfo, www/stagit/patches patch-config_mk

   Update to stagit-0.9,1

   With proper LDFLAGS handling and 2f30 upstream, from Hiltjo (Maintainer).

   Move examples into place while here.

OpenBSD/ports aw43IBPsecurity/softhsm Makefile, security/softhsm/patches patch-checks_Makefile_in patch-src_bin_Makefile_in

   take maintainership, ok Patrik Lundin (MAINTAINER)
   add patch from pascal@ to fix softhsm on aarch64

OpenBSD/ports ryGP6hDlang/compcert Makefile

   Remove BROKEN, math/coq has been updated

   ok daniel@ (maintainer)
+2-41 files

OpenBSD/ports cvqEk7Nlang/go distinfo Makefile, lang/go/pkg PLIST

   Update lang/go to version 1.12.1.
+14-53 files

OpenBSD/ports lHFLfbDdevel/go-tools Makefile distinfo, devel/go-tools/pkg PLIST

   Update devel/go-tools to a version around the Go 1.12 release.

   ok sthen@

OpenBSD/ports H81qS6xnet/go-net Makefile distinfo, net/go-net/pkg PLIST

   Update net/go-net to a version around the Go 1.12 release.

   ok sthen@
+14-273 files

OpenBSD/ports kbxXCq2security/go-crypto Makefile distinfo, security/go-crypto/pkg PLIST

   Update security/go-crypto to a version around the Go 1.12 release.

   ok sthen@

OpenBSD/ports 35KmMzStextproc/go-text Makefile distinfo, textproc/go-text/pkg PLIST

   Update textproc/go-text to a version around the Go 1.12 release.

   ok sthen@

OpenBSD/ports j6Ovk5Rdevel/go-sys Makefile distinfo, devel/go-sys/pkg PLIST

   Update devel/go-sys to a version around the Go 1.12 release.

   ok sthen@