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pkgsrc — finance/gnucash Makefile, misc/yelp3 Makefile

Revbump packages depending on webkit-gtk after enchant change.

Thanks wiz@ for the buildlink3.mk fix and for making me do this revbump!

pkgsrc — devel/syncdir Makefile distinfo, devel/syncdir/patches patch-Makefile patch-testsync.c

Refactor libtoolization: integrate it into the upstream Makefile.
No visible change on NetBSD, CentOS 6, OS X 10.14.

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2018

doc: Updated devel/menhir to 20181026
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+2 -1 doc/CHANGES-2018
+2 -1 1 file

pkgsrc — devel/menhir PLIST distinfo, devel/menhir/patches patch-Makefile

Updated devel/menhir to version 20181026

This version contains a lot of small additions and bugfixes, see
CHANGES.md in the distribution.

Also, the mode of distribution has changed; the package is now distributed
through INRIA's gitlab.

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2018

doc: Updated lang/camlp5 to 7.07
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+2 -1 doc/CHANGES-2018
+2 -1 1 file

pkgsrc — lang/camlp5 distinfo Makefile

Updated lang/camlp5 to version 7.07.

This includes support for ocaml 4.07.1.

pkgsrc — archivers/ocaml-bz2 Makefile, archivers/ocaml-zip Makefile

Revbumps associated with update of lang/ocaml.

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2018 TODO

doc: Updated lang/ocaml to 4.07.1
Delta File
+2 -1 doc/CHANGES-2018
+1 -2 doc/TODO
+3 -3 2 files

pkgsrc — lang/ocaml distinfo Makefile.common

Updated lang/ocaml to version 4.07.1.

This is a bug-fix release, the full list of fixes can be found in the
Changes file in the distribution.

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2018

doc: Updated devel/p5-Pegex to 0.70
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+2 -1 doc/CHANGES-2018
+2 -1 1 file

pkgsrc — devel/p5-Pegex distinfo Makefile

Update to 0.70. From the changelog:

- Use new Dist-Zilla-Plugin-TestMLIncluder (spaces in windows paths)
- Also fix the "/u" issue for 5.14 (#72)
- Stop new-perl-compiled grammars failing on old perls (#71)

pkgsrc — audio/sox Makefile, devel/capstone Makefile

*: Add CTF_SUPPORTED/CTF_FILES_SKIP where necessary.

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2018

Updated graphics/py-cairocffi to 0.9.0.
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+2 -1 doc/CHANGES-2018
+2 -1 1 file

pkgsrc — graphics/py-cairocffi distinfo Makefile

py-cairocffi: Update to 0.9.0.

Version 0.9.0

Released on 2018-08-06

* Drop Python 3.2 and 3.3 support
* Test with PyPy and PyPy3
* `#114 <https://github.com/Kozea/cairocffi/pull/114>`_:
  Fix test compatibility with Cairo 1.15.12
* `#112 <https://github.com/Kozea/cairocffi/pull/112>`_:
  Add cairo library name from PyGObject for Windows
* Fix ``pango_example.py``
* `#85 <https://github.com/Kozea/cairocffi/issues/85>`_:
  Fix crash with xbc tests
* Clean documentation
* Support Cairo features up to 1.15.12

pkgsrc — mk bsd.prefs.mk compiler.mk, mk/compiler gcc.mk clang.mk

mk: Add CTF infrastructure support.

Platform support is determined by _OPSYS_SUPPORTS_CTF from mk/platform, the
user enables support by setting PKGSRC_USE_CTF=yes, and packages can
explicitly disable support with CTF_SUPPORTED=no or skip certain files with

The path to ctfconvert is configured via TOOLS_PLATFORM.ctfconvert.

If all of the requisite variables are enabled, a compiler-specific debug flag
is passed via the wrappers to ensure we have DWARF information to convert,
_INSTALL_UNSTRIPPED is explicitly defined to avoid binaries being stripped
prior to conversion, and the conversion is performed during the install stage.

It is recommended that users who enable the feature also set STRIP_DEBUG=yes
to reduce the final binary size once the conversion has been performed.

This has been used for the past year in Joyent SmartOS builds.  FreeBSD is
marked as supported but is untested.
Delta File
+28 -1 mk/install/install.mk
+21 -1 mk/install/bsd.install-vars.mk
+15 -1 mk/bsd.prefs.mk
+5 -8 mk/platform/SunOS.mk
+8 -1 mk/defaults/mk.conf
+8 -1 mk/compiler.mk
+10 -4 4 files not shown
+95 -17 10 files

pkgsrc — lang/ghc7 Makefile

ghc7: Add STRIP_FILES_SKIP for a problematic file.
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+4 -1 lang/ghc7/Makefile
+4 -1 1 file

pkgsrc — lang/go version.mk


Stripping golang binaries renders them useless.
Delta File
+3 -2 lang/go/version.mk
+3 -2 1 file

pkgsrc — mk/install install.mk

mk/install: Add support for STRIP_DEBUG_SUPPORTED.

This is a package-settable variable that will disable stripping binaries if
set to anything other than "yes" (the default).  This helps packages such as
anything built using golang where stripping binaries is harmful to them.

Document this and the recently introduced STRIP_FILES_SKIP.
Delta File
+9 -2 mk/install/install.mk
+9 -2 1 file

pkgsrc — mk/install install.mk

mk/install: Improve the strip-debug target.

Use the new strip-dbg tool, ensuring that we don't fail when the native strip
doesn't support -g.  Actually check for the existence of the output file
before trying to move it into place.  Add support for STRIP_FILES_SKIP for
certain files which should not be stripped.  And finally, improve performance
slightly by skipping symlinks.
Delta File
+15 -11 mk/install/install.mk
+15 -11 1 file

pkgsrc — mk/tools strip.mk

mk/tools: Create a strip-dbg tool.

On platform where strip supports -g it is used, otherwise this is a no-op.
Delta File
+15 -2 mk/tools/strip.mk
+15 -2 1 file

pkgsrc — mk/tools tools.OpenBSD.mk tools.DragonFly.mk

mk/tools: Add a gstrip tool on platforms where it exists.

This will be used in places where GNU strip (or equivalent) is required,
specifically for the "-g" flag.

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2018

Updated textproc/py-cssselect2 to 0.2.1.
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+2 -1 doc/CHANGES-2018
+2 -1 1 file

pkgsrc — textproc/py-cssselect2 distinfo Makefile

py-cssselect2: Update to 0.2.1.

Version 0.2.1

Released on 2017-10-02.

* Fix documentation.

pkgsrc — www/firefox distinfo Makefile, www/firefox/patches patch-xpcom_components_nsComponentManager.cpp patch-python_mozbuild_mozbuild_action_check__binary.py

firefox: SunOS build fixes.

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2018

Updated www/py-wtforms to 2.2.1.
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+2 -1 doc/CHANGES-2018
+2 -1 1 file

pkgsrc — www/py-wtforms PLIST Makefile

py-wtforms: Update to 2.2.1.

Version 2.2.1

Released on June 7th, 2018

-   :class:`~fields.StringField` only sets ``data = ''`` when form data
    is empty and an initial value was not provided. This fixes an issue
    where the default value wasn't rendered with the initial form.
    (`#291`_, `#401`_)

.. _#291: https://github.com/wtforms/wtforms/issues/291
.. _#401: https://github.com/wtforms/wtforms/issues/401

Version 2.2

Released on June 2nd, 2018

-   Merged new and updated translations from the community.
-   Passing ``data_`` args to render a field converts all the
    underscores to hyphens when rendering the HTML attribute, not just

    [38 lines not shown]

pkgsrc — www/webkit-gtk buildlink3.mk

webkit-gtk: make bl3.mk match change to options.mk (enchant -> enchant2)
Delta File
+2 -2 www/webkit-gtk/buildlink3.mk
+2 -2 1 file

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2018

Note update of sysutils/zabbix to 4.0.1.
Delta File
+2 -1 doc/CHANGES-2018
+2 -1 1 file

pkgsrc — sysutils/zabbix distinfo Makefile, sysutils/zabbix/patches patch-src_zabbix__proxy_Makefile.in patch-src_zabbix__server_Makefile.in

Updating to zabbix version 4.0.1.

Pkgsrc changes:
 * Adjust a few Makefile.in patches.

Upstream changes:

Changes for 4.0.1

4.0.1rc2 was released as 4.0.1 without any changes

Changes for 4.0.1rc2

Bug fixes:
..F....... [ZBX-14904] fixed possible PHP errors in "Problem hosts"
         widget (Sasha)
.......PS. [ZBX-15057] fixed possible crash when syncing host groups (wiper)

Changes for 4.0.1rc1

New features:
..F....... [ZBXNEXT-4725] added filter fields to select templates and
        hosts by directly linked templates; made proxy filter field visible

    [1068 lines not shown]

pkgsrc — lang/openjdk8 Makefile bootstrap.mk

openjdk8: some Linux packaging fixes

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2018

Updated emulators/mame, www/libsass
Delta File
+3 -1 doc/CHANGES-2018
+3 -1 1 file

pkgsrc — www/libsass distinfo Makefile

libsass: updated to 3.5.5

3.5.5 Vroom vroom:

Revert changes to raw CSS @imports

Add deprecation messages for colour arithmetic

Support hex colors with alpha channels
Add a sass_option_push_import_extension C-API

Fix segfault in handling modulo operator
Fix handling of unclosed interpolant in url
Fix possible bug with handling empty reference combinators
Fix -Wmissing-declarations for gcc < 7
Delta File
+5 -5 www/libsass/distinfo
+2 -2 www/libsass/Makefile
+7 -7 2 files

pkgsrc — emulators/mame distinfo Makefile, emulators/mame/patches patch-3rdparty_genie_build_gmake.darwin_genie.make

    mame: updated to 0.203
    MAME 0.203
    With Hallowe’en basically over, the only thing you need to make October complete is 
MAME 0.203. Newly supported titles include not just one, but two Nintendo Game & Watch 
classics: Donkey Kong and Green House, and the HP 9825B desktop computer. We’ve added 
dozens of new versions of supported systems, including European bootlegs of Puck Man, Ms. 
Pac-Man, Phoenix, Pengo and Zero Time, more revisions of Street Fighter II and Super 
Street Fighter II, and a version of Soldier Girl Amazon made under license by Tecfri.
    There are major improvements to plug-in TV games in this release, specifically systems 
based on the XaviX and SunPlus µ'nSP processors. The Vii is now playable with sound, and 
the V.Smile can boot games. Tiger Game.com emulation has come to the point where all but 
one of the games are playable. Some long-standing issues with Tandy CoCo cartridges have 
been fixed.
    It isn’t just home systems that have received attention this month: Namco System 22 
emulation has leapt forward. Yes, the hit box errors making it impossible to pass the 
helicopter (Time Crisis) and the tanks (Tokyo Wars) have finally been fixed. On top of 
that, video emulation improvements make just about everything on the system look better. 
In particular, rear view mirrors in the driving games now work properly. If that isn’t 
enough for you, the code has been optimised, so there’s a good chance you’ll get full 
speed emulation on a modern PC. There have been less dramatic improvements to video 
emulation in other Namco and Tecmo systems, and CPS-3 row scroll effects have been 

    [7 lines not shown]

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2018 TODO

Updated fonts/harfbuzz to 2.1.1
Delta File
+2 -1 doc/CHANGES-2018
+1 -2 doc/TODO
+3 -3 2 files

pkgsrc — archivers/engrampa Makefile, archivers/file-roller Makefile

Recursive revbump from hardbuzz-2.1.1

pkgsrc — fonts/harfbuzz PLIST distinfo, fonts/harfbuzz/patches patch-src_hb-blob.cc

Update to 1.8.8

Overview of changes leading to 2.1.1
Monday, November 5, 2018
- AAT improvements:
  o Implement 'mort' table.
  o Implement 'kern' subtables Format 1 and Format 3.

Overview of changes leading to 2.1.0
Tuesday, October 30, 2018
- AAT shaping improvements:
  o Allow user controlling AAT features, for whole buffer only currently.
  o Several 'morx' fixes.
  o Implement tuple-kerns in 'kerx'; Fixes kerning with Apple default
    San Francisco fonts.
- Support for color fonts:
  o COLR/CPAL API to fetch color layers.
  o SVG table to fetch SVG documents.
  o CBDT/sbix API to fetch PNG images.
- New 'name' table API.
- hb-ot-font now uses 'VORG' table to correctly position CFF glyphs

    [171 lines not shown]

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2018 TODO

    Updated devel/py-test, devel/py-test-xdist, databases/py-sqlalchemy, 
Delta File
+5 -1 doc/CHANGES-2018
+1 -2 doc/TODO
+6 -3 2 files

pkgsrc — databases/py-asyncpg distinfo Makefile

py-asyncpg: updated to 0.18.2

asyncpg v0.18.2

Bug Fixes
* Revert "Stop treating ReadyForQuery as a universal result indicator"
  to fix stability regression.
* Correctly ignore all incoming messages after the Terminate message
* Properly cleanup connections closed by remote

pkgsrc — databases/py-sqlalchemy distinfo Makefile

    py-sqlalchemy: updated to 1.2.14
    * Fixed bug in Session.bulk_update_mappings() where alternate mapped attribute names 
would result in the primary key column of the UPDATE statement being included in the SET 
clause, as well as the WHERE clause; while usually harmless, for SQL Server this can raise 
an error due to the IDENTITY column. This is a continuation of the same bug that was fixed 
in 3849, where testing was insufficient to catch this additional flaw.
    * Fixed a minor performance issue which could in some cases add unnecessary overhead 
to result fetching, involving the use of ORM columns and entities that include those same 
columns at the same time within a query. The issue has to do with hash / eq overhead when 
referring to the column in different ways.
    * Fixed regression caused by 4344 released in 1.2.13, where the fix for MySQL 8.0’s 
case sensitivity problem with referenced column names when reflecting foreign key 
referents is worked around using the information_schema.columns view. The workaround was 
failing on OSX / lower_case_table_names=2 which produces non-matching casing for the 
information_schema.columns vs. that of SHOW CREATE TABLE, so in case-insensitive SQL modes 
case-insensitive matching is now used.

pkgsrc — devel/py-test-xdist distinfo PLIST

    py-test-xdist: updated to 1.24.1
    pytest-xdist 1.24.1:
    Bug Fixes
    - Correctly handle warnings created with arguments that can't be serialized during the 
transfer from workers to master node.

pkgsrc — devel/py-test distinfo Makefile

    py-test: updated to 3.10.1
    pytest 3.10.1:
    Bug Fixes
    - Fix nested usage of debugging plugin (pdb), e.g. with pytester's testdir.runpytest.
    - Block the stepwise plugin if cacheprovider is also blocked, as one depends on the 
    - Parse minversion as an actual version and not as dot-separated strings.
    - Fix duplicate collection due to multiple args matching the same packages.
    - Fix item.nodeid with resolved symlinks.
    - Fix collection of direct symlinked files, where the target does not match 
    - Fix TypeError in report_collect with _collect_report_last_write.
    Trivial/Internal Changes
    - Replace byte/unicode helpers in test_capture with python level syntax.

pkgsrc — devel/log4cplus distinfo, devel/log4cplus/patches patch-ab patch-aa

Add upstream references for patches added to log4cplus

pkgsrc — pkgtools/pkglint Makefile

pkgtools/pkglint: make goyacc accessible to the build
Delta File
+3 -1 pkgtools/pkglint/Makefile
+3 -1 1 file

pkgsrc — mk/help path.help

mk/help: document PREPEND_PATH
Delta File
+16 -0 mk/help/path.help
+16 -0 1 file

pkgsrc — devel/log4cplus Makefile PLIST, devel/log4cplus/patches patch-ab patch-aa

Updating package for Log4CPlus in devel/log4cplus from 1.1.1 to 2.0.2

# log4cplus 2.0.2

  - Allow setting thread pool size using new function
    `setThreadPoolSize()`. Allow setting the size from `log4cplus.properties`
    using `log4cplus.threadPoolSize` property. Lower initial thread pool size
    by half to `std::thread::hardware_concurrency()` threads. GitHub issue

  - Fix Autotools based build for MinGW. GitHub issue #317.

  - Add `configure` script option `--enable-lto` to allow easier LTO builds.

  - Optimization of `getFormattedTime()`. (Alexey Vishtak)

  - Introduction of `LOG4CPLUS_MACRO_FILE()` used in logging macros to allow
    users to redefine it and consequently hide source file names from their
    compiled executables and logging output.

# log4cplus 2.0.1

  - Update to Automake 1.16.1.

    [63 lines not shown]

pkgsrc — bootstrap bootstrap

bootstrap/bootstrap: detect unknown options and print usage

Running bootstrap with short options (like -q for --quiet) is not
implemented. Therefore, instead of silently ignoring such options, fail
with an appropriate error message.
Delta File
+3 -2 bootstrap/bootstrap
+3 -2 1 file

pkgsrc — mk/misc show.mk, regress/show-all spec Makefile

mk/misc: adjust layout of the show-all output to pkgsrc format

In Makefiles, the variable values are aligned vertically. This format is
now also used in the show-all target, which makes it easier readable.

Some more variables have been marked as multi-value, and single-valued
variables ending in space are clearly marked. Without the latter, the
regression test would have a line with significant trailing whitespace.
Delta File
+29 -28 regress/show-all/spec
+19 -16 mk/misc/show.mk
+5 -6 regress/show-all/Makefile
+53 -50 3 files

pkgsrc — multimedia/libaom Makefile distinfo, multimedia/libaom/patches patch-build_cmake_aom__configure.cmake

libaom: Fix the build for NetBSD/*arm*

pkgsrc — security/py-itsdangerous PLIST

Sort PLIST; missed in previous.

No functional change.
Delta File
+20 -20 security/py-itsdangerous/PLIST
+20 -20 1 file

pkgsrc — news/nget distinfo, news/nget/patches patch-etree.cc patch-getter.h

Add patches from PR pkg/53190 for building with newer g++ (4.9+).