FreeBSD/ports 487452head/devel Makefile, head/devel/ikos pkg-plist Makefile

New port: devel/ikos: Static analyzer for C/C++ based on theory of abstract interpretation

FreeBSD/ports 487451head/devel/git-cinnabar Makefile files, head/devel/git-cinnabar/files patch-helper_cinnabar-helper.c

devel/git-cinnabar: rebuild and unbreak after r487197

./helper/cinnabar-helper.c:1464:49: error: no member named 'map' in 'struct oidset'
                                                   ~~~~~~~~~~ ^
./helper/cinnabar-helper.c:1712:34: warning: incompatible pointer types passing 'size_t *' 
(aka 'unsigned int *') to parameter of type 'unsigned long *' 
        buf = get_commit_buffer(commit, &size);
./commit.h:112:69: note: passing argument to parameter 'size' here
const void *get_commit_buffer(const struct commit *, unsigned long *size);

Reported by:    pkg-fallout

FreeBSD/ports 487450head/print/cups distinfo pkg-plist, head/print/cups/files patch-cups_ipp.c

Update to 2.2.10.

FreeBSD/ports 487449head/benchmarks/stress-ng distinfo Makefile

FreeBSD/ports 487448head/net-mgmt/check_ssl_cert distinfo Makefile

FreeBSD/ports 487447head/security/beid distinfo Makefile, head/security/beid/files

Update to 4.4.13.

FreeBSD/ports 487446head/x11/nvidia-driver Makefile pkg-plist, head/x11/nvidia-driver/files extra-patch-src_nvidia-modeset_nvidia-modeset-freebsd.c

Install both 32 bit and 64 bit Linux libraries from the official Linux
driver distribution instead of the ones bundled with the FreeBSD driver
which are incomplete and 32 bit only.  This makes amd64 Linux OpenGL
programs work on FreeBSD 12.0 and recent 11-STABLE.  This does not enable

- Initialise DISTFILES so a file can be added by the LINUX option.
- Set EXTRACT_ONLY because the file added by the LINUX option is a
  self-extracting archive handled in post-extract.
- The patches for <355.06 and >=355.06 are identical except for the path.
  Keep only one set (listed in SUB_PATCHES) because more patches have been
  added.  Modify their path in pre-patch.  The patches have been renamed
  from extra-patch-* to extra-patch-*.in.
- Set OPTIONS_SUB and use option helpers for the LINUX option.
- Define LINUX_ARCH_SUFX like ARCH_SUFX because LINUX_ARCH can be i386 on
- Set LINUX_LIBDIR to the main lib directory: (/compat/linux)/usr/lib on
  i386 and (/compat/linux)/usr/lib64 on amd64.  (The compat32 directory is
  LINUX_MANS, and LINUX_DATA for all driver versions from 304.137 to 390.87.
  LINUX_LIBS and LINUX32_LIBS contain main libraries (i386/amd64) and
  compat32 libraries respectively.  These are installed with INSTALL_LIB in
  post-install.  LINUX_LINKS and LINUX32_LINKS contain symbolic link sources
  and their target.  LINUX_PROGS are binaries installed with

    [38 lines not shown]

FreeBSD/ports 487445head/games/flare-game Makefile distinfo

- Update to 1.09.01

FreeBSD/ports 487444head/games/flare-engine distinfo Makefile

- Update to 1.09.01

FreeBSD/ports 487443head/lang/gravity distinfo Makefile

lang/gravity: Update 0.6.0-2 -> 0.6.1

Reported by:    portscout

FreeBSD/ports 487442head/games/easyrpg-player Makefile

- Fix build when SDL is built with sndio by adding USES=localbase:ldflags

PR:            233987
Submitted by:   pkubaj at
MFH:           2018Q4

FreeBSD/ports 487441head/lang/go pkg-plist distinfo

Update to 1.11.3

FreeBSD/ports 487440head/www/nghttp2 distinfo Makefile

- Update to 1.35.1

Approved by:    sunpoet
Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation

FreeBSD/ports 487439head/www/libnghttp2 distinfo Makefile

- Update to 1.35.1

Approved by:    sunpoet (maintainer)
Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation

FreeBSD/ports 487438head/graphics Makefile qtpbfimageplugin, head/graphics/qtpbfimageplugin Makefile pkg-descr

New port: graphics/qtpbfimageplugin

PR:            233878
Submitted by:   Nikolay Korotkiy <sikmir at>

FreeBSD/ports 487437head/sysutils/atf-allwinner Makefile pkg-descr

sysutils/atf-allwinner: Mark the port as NO_ARCH

It's a cross compiled firmware for aarch64, mark it as NO_ARCH
While here pet portlint.

Approved by:    bapt (mentor, implicit)

FreeBSD/ports 487436head/www/mod_fastcgi Makefile distinfo, head/www/mod_fastcgi/files patch-fcgi.h patch-mod_fastcgi.c

www:mod_fastcgi: Update to

The website of fastcgi has been down for a long time.
The project is now in a GitHub archive:

Also switch to GitHub with www/mod_fastcgi

*) cast from pointer to integer of different size fix
*) fix prinf %d warning
*) .cvsignore to .gitignore
*) apache 2.4 compile fix

- While I am here, use "make makepatch" for the patches in /files

Approved by:    brnrd (apache)
With hat:       apache
Sponsored by:   Netzkommune GmbH
Differential Revision:

FreeBSD/ports 487435branches 2018Q4, branches/2018Q4/www/gitlab-ce distinfo Makefile

MFH: r487429

Security update to 11.5.4.
See here for more details:

Approved by:    mentors (implicit)
Security:       757e6ee8-ff91-11e8-a148-001b217b3468

Approved by:    ports-secteam (miwi)

FreeBSD/ports 487434branches 2018Q4, branches/2018Q4/www/typo3-8 distinfo Makefile

MFH: r487427

Update to 8.7.21


PR:            233935
Security:       bab29816-ff93-11e8-b05b-00e04c1ea73d
Sponsored by:   Netzkommune GmbH

Approved by:    ports-secteam (miwi)

FreeBSD/ports 487433branches 2018Q4, branches/2018Q4/security/mbedtls distinfo Makefile

MFH: r487430

Update to 2.14.1.

Approved by:    ports-secteam (miwi)

FreeBSD/ports 487432head/security/vuxml vuln.xml

HTML encode < and > and fix the formatting of the latest typo3 entry.

FreeBSD/ports 487431head/security/vuxml vuln.xml

FreeBSD/ports 487430head/security/mbedtls distinfo Makefile

FreeBSD/ports 487429head/www/gitlab-ce distinfo Makefile

Security update to 11.5.4.
See here for more details:

Approved by:    mentors (implicit)
MFH:           2018Q4
Security:       757e6ee8-ff91-11e8-a148-001b217b3468

FreeBSD/ports 487428head/www/typo3-9 distinfo Makefile

Update to 9.5.2


PR:            233936
MFH:           2018Q4
Security:       bab29816-ff93-11e8-b05b-00e04c1ea73d
Sponsored by:   Netzkommune GmbH

FreeBSD/ports 487427head/www/typo3-8 distinfo Makefile

Update to 8.7.21


PR:            233935
MFH:           2018Q4
Security:       bab29816-ff93-11e8-b05b-00e04c1ea73d
Sponsored by:   Netzkommune GmbH

FreeBSD/ports 487426head/textproc/tttcmds distinfo Makefile

update to v1.0.20181214

Submitted by:   daichi

FreeBSD/ports 487425head/security/vuxml vuln.xml

Add entry for typo3-8 and typo3-9

PR:            233935 233936
Sponsored by:   Netzkommune GmbH

FreeBSD/ports 487424head/devel/pear Makefile


FreeBSD/ports 487423head/security/vuxml vuln.xml

Document gitlab-ce vulnerability.

Approved by:    mentors (implicit)

FreeBSD/ports 487422head/www/nginx pkg-descr


Sponsored by:   Netzkommune GmbH

FreeBSD/ports 487421head/www/nginx distinfo Makefile.extmod

Update 3rd party-module:

- ModSecurity 3 to 71ede63
- njs to 36f1295
- vts to 0.1.18

Sponsored by:   Netzkommune GmbH

FreeBSD/ports 487420head/astro/marble pkg-plist Makefile

astro/marble: fix dependencies

- marble now depends on WebEngine

FreeBSD/ports 487419head/cad/gmsh distinfo Makefile

cad/gmsh: Update to version 4.0.7

Upstream change log:

FreeBSD/ports 487418head/multimedia/webcamd Makefile, head/multimedia/webcamd/files

Fix devd rule for Logitech gamepad.

Submitted by:   Rozhuk Ivan < at>
Approved by:    pi@

FreeBSD/ports 487417head/Mk/Uses

Move the BROKEN_SSL/IGNORE_SSL at a place where a value of base actually
+20-201 files

FreeBSD/ports 487416head/Mk/Uses

Fix some indentation.

FreeBSD/ports 487415head/databases/mysql57-server pkg-descr

- Update WWW

Approved by:    portmgr blanket

FreeBSD/ports 487414head/security/py-certbot Makefile, head/security/py-certbot/files

Fix setting FreeBSD specific paths since upstream change

as part of the update to 0.29.1

PR:            233909
Reported by:    Paul Macdonald
Approved by:    koobs (python)

FreeBSD/ports 487413head/sysutils/p5-Sys-User-UIDhelper Makefile


Approved by:    portmgr blanket

FreeBSD/ports 487412head/archivers/upx Makefile

archivers/upx: Fix build due to missing perl (pod2*) tools

upx unconditionally runs its docs target, which relies on multiple [1] pod2*
tools provided by perl.

USES=perl and USE_PERL=build were removed in ports r478489, resulting in those
tools not being available at build time, and the following errors:

  /bin/sh: pod2man: not found
  /bin/sh: pod2html: not found
  /bin/sh: pod2text: not found

This change, accordingly, re-adds perl as an unconditional build dependency,
including a comment about what its for.

While I'm here:

  * Update COMMENT for (portlint) compliance [2]

[1] pod2man, pod2html, pod2text
[2] Wikipedia, MajorGeeks and others also describe UPX without a "The" prefix

PR:            234002
Reported by:    <mail ozzmosis com>
Approved by:    portmgr (blanket: build fix, JFI)

    [2 lines not shown]

FreeBSD/ports 487411head/audio/samplv1-lv2 distinfo Makefile

audio/samplv1-lv2: Update 0_9_3 -> 0_9_4

Reported by:    portscout

FreeBSD/ports 487410head/audio/padthv1-lv2 distinfo Makefile

audio/padthv1-lv2: Update 0_9_3-7 -> 0_9_4

Reported by:    portscout

FreeBSD/ports 487409head/audio/drumkv1-lv2 distinfo pkg-plist

audio/drumkv1-lv2: Update 0.9.3 -> 0.9.4

Reported by:    portscout

FreeBSD/ports 487408head/databases/puppetdb-cli Makefile

Various cleanups

- Add libressl-devel to the list of BROKEN_SSL;
- Include + instead of +;
- Fix detection of FreeBSD 12 with OpenSSL from base;
- Fix marking FreeBSD 12 with OpenSSL from base as broken.

Reported by:    jbeich

FreeBSD/ports 487407head/sysutils Makefile goawk, head/sysutils/goawk Makefile distinfo

New port: sysutils/goawk: AWK interpreter written in Go

FreeBSD/ports 487406head/sysutils/gotop distinfo Makefile

sysutils/gotop: Fix on 12

The upstream fixed it just now.

Reported by:    adamw

FreeBSD/ports 487405head/deskutils/kdepim-addons pkg-plist, head/deskutils/kdepim-runtime pkg-plist

FreeBSD/ports 487404head/sysutils Makefile gotop, head/sysutils/gotop Makefile distinfo

New port: sysutils/gotop: Terminal based graphical activity monitor inspired by gtop and 

FreeBSD/ports 487403head/databases/puppetdb-cli Makefile

Mark broken with unsupported OpenSSL release

puppetdb-cli internal dependencies support OpenSSL 1.0 or older only. To
sum up, one will be able to build/run puppetdb-cli using SSL from base
(FreeBSD <= 11) or from security/openssl (all FreeBSD versions).

Mark broken for:
  - DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=ssl=base (for FreeBSD 12+)
  - DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=ssl=openssl111
  - DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=ssl=libressl

An experimental patch to bring support for OpenSSL 1.1.1 is available in
the PR 233389.
The details why we chose not to merge it is explained in the comments.

PR:             233389
Reported by:    jbeich
With hat:       puppet