FreeBSD/ports 512465head/www/hiawatha Makefile pkg-help

www/hiawatha: Update to 10.10

- Remove no longer supported and now always on options


FreeBSD/ports 512464head/editors/parinfer-rust distinfo Makefile, head/editors/parinfer-rust/files patch-rc_parinfer.kak

editors/parinfer-rust: Update to v0.4.0


FreeBSD/ports 512463head/japanese/anthy distinfo Makefile

- Change from USES=iconv to USES=iconv:patch. [*]
- Fix breakage of 2CHDIC, ODIC and GSKKDIC options.

Suggested by: nyan [*]

FreeBSD/ports 512462head/biology/p5-TrimGalore distinfo Makefile

biology/p5-TrimGalore: Upgrade to 0.6.4

Improved adapter autodetection, minor bug fixes.

FreeBSD/ports 512461head/biology/fastqc Makefile distinfo

biology/fastqc: Upgrade to 0.11.8

Minor bug fixes and edge case handling.

Minor Makefile clean up.

FreeBSD/ports 512460head/audio/libmysofa Makefile distinfo

Update audio/libmysofa to 0.8
Switch to in-source build; tests fail otherwise

FreeBSD/ports 512459head/audio/picard-plugins pkg-plist distinfo

Update audio/picard-plugins to snapshot from 2019-09-17

FreeBSD/ports 512458head/audio/picard distinfo Makefile

Update audio/picard to 2.2.1

FreeBSD/ports 512457branches/2019Q3/misc/freebsd-release-manifests/files/MANIFESTS amd64-amd64-12.1-BETA1 powerpc-powerpc64-12.1-BETA1

MFH: r512456

Add 12.1-BETA1 MANIFEST files.

Approved by:    portmgr (implicit, re blanket)
Sponsored by:   Rubicon Communications, LLC (Netgate)

FreeBSD/ports 512456head/misc/freebsd-release-manifests/files/MANIFESTS powerpc-powerpc64-12.1-BETA1 amd64-amd64-12.1-BETA1

Add 12.1-BETA1 MANIFEST files.

Approved by:    bdrewery (maintainer, implicit, re blanket)
MFH:           2019Q3
Sponsored by:   Rubicon Communications, LLC (Netgate)

FreeBSD/ports 512455head/lang/rust-nightly distinfo Makefile

comlang/rust-nightly: update to


FreeBSD/ports 512454head/multimedia/aom distinfo Makefile

multimedia/aom: update to


FreeBSD/ports 512453head/emulators/yuzu distinfo Makefile, head/emulators/yuzu/files patch-cubeb-dlopen patch-clang

emulators/yuzu: update to s20190920

- Update bundled libcubeb to get rid of dlopen patch


FreeBSD/ports 512452head/multimedia/svt-vp9 distinfo Makefile

multimedia/svt-vp9: update to s20190919


FreeBSD/ports 512451head/multimedia/svt-av1 distinfo Makefile

multimedia/svt-av1: update to


FreeBSD/ports 512450head/emulators/citra distinfo Makefile

emulators/citra: update to s20190920


FreeBSD/ports 512449head/emulators/rpcs3 distinfo Makefile

emulators/rpcs3: update to


FreeBSD/ports 512448head/games/openbor Makefile distinfo

FreeBSD/ports 512447head/lang/gcc7-devel distinfo Makefile

Update to the 20190919 snapshot of GCC 7.4.1.

This brings one Fortran-specific fix (apart from changes, mostly to the
testsuite, not relevant for us).

FreeBSD/ports 512446head/net-mgmt/check_ssl_cert distinfo Makefile

FreeBSD/ports 512445head/audio/noson-app distinfo Makefile

audio/noson-app: update to 3.14.4

FreeBSD/ports 512444head/emulators/dolphin-emu Makefile, head/emulators/jzintv Makefile

Add missing USES=xorg for my ports

FreeBSD/ports 512443head/x11/xset Makefile

x11/xset: Really disable fontcache

Really disable fontcahce, so it's not picked up by accident if it happens to
be installed on the system.

Reported by:    tijl

FreeBSD/ports 512442head/graphics/php74-gd/files patch-config.m4

lang/php74: Remove another patch

This one should have been in 512441.

FreeBSD/ports 512441head/archivers/php74-phar/files patch-phar.c, head/security/php74-filter files

lang/php74: Remove obsolete patches

All these patches are no longer needed. Their existence break the ports,
so now commit their deletion.

Sponsored by:   PHP Update Service

FreeBSD/ports 512440head/devel/dmlc-core Makefile, head/devel/ispc Makefile

Switch default devel/llvm* to 90

PR:            239682
Reviewed by:    tobik
Differential Revision:

FreeBSD/ports 512439head/lang/beignet/files patch-llvm9

lang/beignet: unbreak with llvm90

backend/src/llvm/llvm_sampler_fix.cpp:85:18: error: no viable conversion from 
'llvm::FunctionCallee' to 'llvm::Value *'
                  Value* samplerCvt = M->getOrInsertFunction("__gen_ocl_sampler_to_int", 
i32Ty, I->getOperand(0)->getType());
        backend/src/llvm/llvm_sampler_fix.cpp:127:18: error: no viable conversion from 
'llvm::FunctionCallee' to 'llvm::Value *'
                  Value* samplerCvt = M->getOrInsertFunction("__gen_ocl_sampler_to_int", 
i32Ty, I->getOperand(0)->getType());

PR:            239175
Approved by:    portmgr blanket

FreeBSD/ports 512438head/multimedia/gmmlib Makefile pkg-plist, head/multimedia/gmmlib/files patch-unix patch-nullptr

multimedia/gmmlib: update to 19.3.2

- Expose runtime debugging via option

Reported by:    portscout

FreeBSD/ports 512437head/lang/php74/files patch-acinclude.m4

lang/php74: fix the broken patches

The same error cause from r512431 caused some patches missing or undeleted.
Now commit the missing changes in order to unbreak PHP.

Sponsored by:   PHP Update Service

FreeBSD/ports 512436head/textproc/groff/files

Fix groff build with libc++ 9.0.0

Because libc++ 9.0.0 now includes <math.h> from <stdlib.h>, groff fails
to build with an error similar to:

In file included from src/libs/libgroff/assert.cpp:20:
In file included from /usr/include/c++/v1/stdlib.h:100:
./lib/math.h:38:3: error: "Please include config.h first."
 #error "Please include config.h first."
./lib/math.h:40:1: error: unknown type name '_GL_INLINE_HEADER_BEGIN'

Fix this in the least intrusive way, by simply including config.h
instead of emitting an error message.

Approved by:    bapt (maintainer)
PR:            240701
MFH:           2019Q3

FreeBSD/ports 512435head/devel Makefile

Hook php74-ffi to the build

FreeBSD/ports 512434head/security/krb5-devel distinfo Makefile

Update to the latest MIT krb5 github commmit.

FreeBSD/ports 512433head/net/ntp Makefile, head/net/ntp-devel Makefile

Chase src r352540:

Follow up on ports r511987 (base r352304) which disabled default
mlockall() at startup. Unfortunately though the original tarball
supports this in ./configure (for Linux), to fully support disabling
of mlockall() by default requires a little extra help otherwise the
following is logged in syslog:

        Cannot set RLIMIT_MEMLOCK: Operation not permitted

FreeBSD/ports 512432head/shells/ksh93-devel distinfo Makefile

Update to the latest att/ast github commit.

FreeBSD/ports 512431head/devel php74-ffi, head/devel/php74-ffi Makefile

Add missing module devel/php74-ffi

This was already added in devel/Makefile but got lost through in error
in the cleanup process.

PR:            240711
Reported by:    mayhem30 at
Sponsored by:   PHP Update Service

FreeBSD/ports 512430head/lang/php74 Makefile

lang/php74: add module hash to PHP_EXT_INC

The hash module is now part of the core and can't be disabled anymore.
Therefore add it to the list

Reported by:    ale
Sponsored by:   PHP Update Service
Differential Revision:

FreeBSD/ports 512429head/devel/p5-X-Tiny Makefile distinfo

devel/p5-X-Tiny: upgrade 0.13 -> 0.20


FreeBSD/ports 512428head/devel/py-Dumper distinfo Makefile

devel/py-Dumper: upgrade 1.1.0 -> 1.2.0

- Added multi-argument support in dumps()

FreeBSD/ports 512427head/databases/pecl-mongodb distinfo Makefile

databases/pecl-mongodb: upgrade 1.5.3 -> 1.6.0


FreeBSD/ports 512426head/databases/mysqltuner distinfo Makefile

databases/mysqltuner: upgrade 1.7.2 -> 1.7.15

- lots of updates to the vulnerabilities database


FreeBSD/ports 512425head/devel/sbt distinfo Makefile

Update to 1.3.2 release.

FreeBSD/ports 512424head UIDs GIDs, head/net-mgmt/p0f Makefile

net-mgmt/p0f: add rc script

Added rc script to run p0f in daemon mode as as unprivileged user.
That is useful to provide access to p0f API via unix socket for
various clients (e.g. anti-spam filters like rspamd, haraka-plugin-p0f,

PR:            240712
Submitted by:   Alexander Moisseev <moiseev at>

FreeBSD/ports 512423head/devel Makefile, head/security Makefile

Attempt to unbreak INDEX

FreeBSD/ports 512422head/editors/openoffice-4 Makefile distinfo, head/editors/openoffice-4/files patch-i127929

Upgrade editors/openoffice-4 to 4.1.7.

The build wants to include the git hash value in the build artifact
for display on the Help -> About popup, but it can't determine that
when building from a source tarball, as opposed to a git checkout.
Patch around that until upstream implements a way to include this
info into the tarball and pick it up from there.

Add xorg to USES for correctness.

patch-i127929 has been committed upstream.

FreeBSD/ports 512421head/devel/py-virtualenv Makefile files, head/devel/py-virtualenv/files

- Fix documentation build
- Add textproc/py-sphinx_rtd_theme and textproc/towncrier to build dependencies
- Add files/ to fix ModuleNotFoundError (virtualenv)
- Set LANG and LC_ALL environment variables to mitigate a RuntimeError during the
  build stage of the doc.:

  RuntimeError: Click will abort further execution because Python 3 was configured to use 
ASCII as encoding for the environment. Consult for mitigation steps.

FreeBSD/ports 512420head/security/vuxml vuln.xml

security/vuxml: add CVEs for net/kea

PR:            240399
Submitted by:   Andrey Pevnev <apevnev at>

FreeBSD/ports 512419head/java/openjdk12 distinfo Makefile, head/java/openjdk12/files patch-src_hotspot_os__cpu_bsd__aarch64_vm__version__bsd__aarch64.cpp patch-src_hotspot_cpu_aarch64_vm__version__aarch64.cpp

Udpate to 12.0.2+10-3

FreeBSD/ports 512418head/sysutils/mtm distinfo Makefile

Update to 1.1.0

Reported by:    portscout
Event:         EuroBSDcon 2019 Hackathon

FreeBSD/ports 512417head UPDATING, head/net-mgmt/pushgateway distinfo Makefile

Update to v0.9.1


The new persistent storage format is not backwards compatible. See the
changelogs for details.

- Switch to USES=go:modules
- Simplify targets.
- Fix a couple of typos and style issues in the service file
- Improve readability of comments in the service file
- Do not install /var/db/pushgateway by default. It is going to be created
  by the service anyway.

PR:            233660
Approved by:    maintainer
Event:         EuroBSDcon 2019 Hackathon
Differential Revision:

FreeBSD/ports 512416head/net-im/toot distinfo Makefile

Update to 0.24.0


Reported by:    portscout
Event:         EuroBSDcon 2019 Hackathon